Top 10 Lightest Shin Guards for Soccer of 2018 Review

If you are looking for the lightest shin guards for soccer, look no further! We have assembled a list of the industry’s best soccer shin guards in terms of performance and protection, and we kept an eye out for the lightest ones. We know that you need something that will protect you, but otherwise seem like it’s not be there. As always, we researched various sales channels, manufacturers websites, blogs, videos, and customer reviews until we came up with 10 of the lightest soccer shin guards that are best for players. Any of the following guards will work, but for the record every pair had excellent reviews and people swearing by them. We mostly went with reputable, well-known name brands, but there were a few others that were worthy of mention. The companies that design them weren’t in design quality or integrity, only time in the business. These are the same type of shin guards worn by professional athletes, and they will all get the job done correctly, and last a while as well.

List of the Lightest Shin Guards for Soccer of 2018:

10. Children’s Protective Shin Guards – Durable, Lightweight, and Breathable Padding

Qornerstone Children’s Protective Shin Guards - Durable, Lightweight, and Breathable Padding -...Get it now on

The Children’s Protective Shin Guards – Durable, Lightweight, with Breathable Padding are 4.4 star rated, durable and highly impact resistant. These shin guards are also ergonomic, ventilated, and they come with a money back guarantee to boot. They will contour to the shin, stay out of the way, and are designed to provide full protection while not affecting performance. Customers are saying that these shin guards are comfortable, thin and resilient, and Children’s Protective Shin Guards fairly priced as well.

9. Elemart Youth Soccer Shin Pad Shin Guards – 1 Pair

Elemart Youth Soccer Shin Pad Shin Guards,Lightweight and Breathable Child Calf Protective Gear for...Get it now on

The Elemart Youth Soccer Shin Pad Shin Guards are 4.0 star rated, and they come in blue or black allowing you to pick what’s best for you. Specifically designed to protect your patella, these pads are thick towards the bottom, with an EVA lining, for moderate softness and high permeability. Ergonomically shaped, with a three-dimensional design, perfectly fit the curve of the leg to provide the best possible protection. Soft and durable cushioned lining incorporated for extra comfort. Customers are saying that these Element guards a good basic shin guard, good for toddlers or 7-year old’s.

8. Nike J Guard Soccer Shin Guards (X-Small)

Nike J Guard Soccer Shin Guards (X-Small)Get it now on

The Nike J Guard Soccer Shin Guards are designed by a brand we trust, that has been an icon for years, so I can’t see their Quality lacking. Black and white, design with a comfort fit, and ample ventilation. Comfortable, meant to be contoured to the shape of the shin, and low profile, the Nike J Guard is designed to give you the added protection, without any of the extra hassle. 4.4 star rated, and like everything else by Nike… Built with us in mind.

7. Nike Mercurial Lite Shinguard

Nike Mercurial Lite Soccer Shin Guards (Small) White, BlackGet it now on

The Nike Mercurial Lite Shinguard is another excellent guard if you want something low profile and effective. With an attractive design and a brand name that doesn’t lose, these offer Molded, Waffle-designed EVA foam helps disperse energy from impacts. Seamless, breathable Dri-Fit sleeves for excellent comfort and a durable shell that is bonded to a dense foam backing for impact diffusion and comfort.

6. Soccer Shin Guards Youth – by DashSport – Includes 2 Shin Guards and 2 Compression Calf Sleeves with Pockets

DashSport Soccer Shin Guards Youth Includes Two Shin Guards and Two Compression Calf Sleeves with...Get it now on

Soccer Shin Guards Youth by DashSport – Will give you Two Shin Guards and Two Compression Calf Sleeves with Pockets that are 3.9 star rated, attractive, and built to last. Compression calf sleeves and pockets. These guards offer you comfort and protection, along with improved performance, covering the calf but staying out of your way for a full range of mobility. Ample airflow, and overall, these guards are top quality shin guards from a company that tries hard to deliver the best quality products to us.

5. Adidas Performance Ghost Pro Shin Guard

Adidas Ghost Pro Shin GuardGet it now on

The Adidas Ghost Pro Shin Guard is 4.3 star rated, designed by Adidas to be lightweight and durable, with ample protection and ventilation. This guard has three methods all fused together, and they are considered to be top of the line protection for soccer players. EVA backing and the highest flexibility and durability, with incorporated PolarGuard technology for the colder days.

4. Diadora Uragano Hardshell Soccer Shin Guards with Sleeves

Diadora Uragano Hardshell Soccer Shin Guards with SleevesGet it now on

The Diadora Uragano Hardshell Soccer Shin Guards with Sleeves are 4.6 star rated, nice looking, lightweight and durable. Anatomical PP shell with EVA backing, this guard was built for performance and protection without compromising by having something too big and heavy. Excellent quality and available in different colors.

3. Soccer Shin Guards -Youth Sizes – by DashSport

DashSport Soccer Shin Guards -Youth Sizes Best Kids Soccer Equipment Ankle Sleeves - Great Boys...Get it now on

The Soccer Shin Guards by DashSport is a favorite just about anywhere they are sold. With a 4.7 star rating, these guards are proven to last a long time and stay out of the way of performance, while protecting you from impacts and allowing plenty of ventilation. Available in youth sizes, DashSport guards have been known to offer a superior fit and quality, and are backed by a lifetime warranty.

2. Franklin Sports Superlight Shin Guards-Optic Yellow

Franklin Sports Superlight Shin Guards-Optic YellowGet it now on

The Franklin Sports Superlight Shin Guards in Optic Yellow are 3.8 star rated and made by an industry leader. Lightweight with vents and a high density abrasion resistant shield, the asymmetrical design of the Franklin Sports shin guard will contour to your calf and protect you without impeding the way you play. Double adjustable straps provide a firm and secure fit, and these will make great guards for any age player up to 5.3″.

1. Vizari Malaga Shin Guard

Vizari Malaga Shin GuardGet it now on

The Vizari Malaga Shin Guards are rated an overall 4.5 stars, they are a huge favorite on Amazon, and they are priced to accommodate any budget. Foam padded for extra comfort, with a convenient front strap closing that is snug and easy to use. Vizari Malegas are an excellent shin guard for players, providing protection from impacts, and allowing air to get in so that you stay comfortable. Vizari is a brand that values their position in the industry and delivers top of the line soccer gear to customers that depend on them. These Vizari shin guards are lightweight and slim also, making sure you get 100% of your performance and none of the fuss.


Quality shin guards are very necessary. In the end, you want something that is ergonomic, effective and built to last. The shin guards we covered on this list all have you covered. We checked everything ahead of time to make sure that each pair was worthy to be on the list. We checked for EVA backing, strapping, weight, flexibility, and durability. To be honest, on performance gear and protection there is really no reason to even look at the price, so that wasn’t a determining factor. It is the quality and features that are important so that you stay comfortable, and unharmed. For the best quality shin guards, I would be torn between Adidas and Vizari, but DashBoards are highly rated as well, and they have a lifetime warranty. You want your guards to offer ample air flow for comfort during extended periods, and you want something light so it doesn’t slow you down. We make all of our choices according to the highest standards, and every product we pick has been tried time and time again and found to be the best. Play hard out there! Enjoy!

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