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Top 10 Best Manual Motorcycle Tire Changer Kit of (2020) Review

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    Unfortunately, changing tires on a motorcycle is not as easy as changing tires on a car. Many motorcycle owners decide to change their tires professionally. That should not always be the case with you. If you learn to use one of our best manual motorcycle tire changer kits, you can change them without having to pay a lot of money.

    Of course, to make sure you do not spend a lot, you will have to make sure you have the right type of motorcycle tire changer. There are those that function automatically. But, these kits seem to be too costly, as they are made to be applied in a car garages. Therefore, unless you have a lot of money or plan to be a mechanic, automatic changers are not the best options. Instead, you should consider getting one of the best manual motorcycle tire changer kits that we will describe below.

    List of the Best Manual Motorcycle Tire Changer Kit of 2020:

    10. BeadBuster Tire Irons 3-pc Set

    BeadBuster Tire Irons 3-pc Set for ATV's, Motorcycles, 4x4 Trucks and TractorsCheck Price on

    The BeadBuster Tire Irons 3-pc Set is made to handle heavy and stubborn tires. That is achieved using a sturdy and rugged surface that has drop forged steel for more durability. It is also Zinc coated for more durability. Its shape also helps you handle your tires with a lot of ease. With its perfect form, you will see that you have bought an ergonomically designed tool for your work. The 3-pc Set gives you what you need to finish all the job of repairing your tire.

    9. Motion Pro 08-0409 Spoon Type Tire Iron

    Motion Pro 08-0409 Spoon Type Tire IronCheck Price on

    The Motion Pro 08-0409 Spoon Type Tire Iron is very different from the rest of kits in this list. It is made in a way that makes hard due to its nickel pewter surface finishing. Due to its 10 inches lever length, it can be handled well and with a lot of comforts. If you like moving from place to place, the vinyl carrying bag will give you quiet time on your journey. The spoon end is about 25 millimeters wide giving you little time in repairing your tires.

    8. ABN Tire Wheel Rim Repair Metal Spoon Lever

    No products found.No products found.

    The ABN Tire Wheel Rim Repair Lever is made to make all types of tire repair simple. It is an all-purpose tool that can be used to repair all wheelchair tires, leisure tires tubeless tires and stubborn tires that most people hate. For easy usage, it is hardened long handle made steel alloy thus increasing its longevity and working strength. It comes with a spoon tip thus making sure that it does not damage your tire with sharp edges. The rubber and plastic handle ensures that your grip is durable and comfortable.

    7. Goplus Multi Tire Changer for Motorcycle

    Go MultiCheck Price on

    When buying the Goplus Multi Tire Changer for Motorcycle, it will come with all assembly hardware. It also has explicit instruction on how to assemble it in minutes thus saving your time. It has a simple design that is easy to handle. That means it is made for labour-saving and all tightening purposes that you may need to do. The surface of this too has a glossy anti-rust coat which makes it suitable for both outdoors and indoors uses. If you have different sizes of tires, this kit is good for 4″ to 16.5″ tires.

    6. BeadBuster XB-450 Tire Bead Breaker Tool

    BeadBuster XB-450 ATV/Motorcycle / 4x4 / Lawn Mower Bead Breaker ToolCheck Price on

    The BeadBuster XB-450 Tire Bead Breaker Tool is one of its types in the market today. It is a lightweight and portable tool that you can take on your trail. It is made in a natural way that can enable one person operation. It is also compact and small in size hence good for mobile people who like touring and moving from place to place. The good thing with this tool is that it does not need mounting and it can be used in all types and sizes of tires. The rugged steel body makes it strong and highly durable. It is also hardened with Grade-5 Zinc thus making it super fantastic.

    5. Core Tools CT116 Iron Set

    CORE TOOLS CT116 Tire Iron SetCheck Price on

    The Core Tools CT116 Iron Set is a set of three sets which are made for efficient working. The irons come in different lengths one of them being while the other two being long. The kit is made for handling all types of tire issues including the stubborn ones. The two 8½ inches irons are made for holding the tire I place while the 16 inches iron is good for leveraging through the tire. Each iron is made with one holding side and the other side for prying. Lastly, they are made of forged steel making them very strong.

    4. Precision Works 3 Spoon Motorcycle Tire Levers

    Precision Works 3 Spoon Motorcycle Tire Levers with 2 Rim ProtectorsCheck Price on

    The Precision Works 3 Spoon Motorcycle Tire Levers are made in a spoon like a model. They are made from heavy-duty steel thus making them very durable and easy to use. They also have a rim protector made from rubber thus making your work easy. For easy carrying, it has a storage bag that is convenient for carrying. The sliders are formed in a way that fits very well in your rim and gives you the best working experience. The levers are suitable for handling stubborn tires that cannot be operated by other kits.

    3. Tire Removal Tools Lever Tool Motorcycle Kit

    Tire Spoon Lever Iron Tool Motorcycle Bike Tire Change Changer Kit w/Case Set of ThreeCheck Price on

    The Tire Removal Tools Lever Tool is suitable for bike or motorcycle tire changing activities. The 280mm long tools make the best motorcycle kits that you can find in the market. Like the others, Tire Removal Tools Lever Tool Motorcycle Kit is nicely polished with chrome making it beautiful. For easy workability, the handled are made of an easy to grip handles. That makes tire changing easy than ever. The kit comes with three pieces thus giving you an easy time to work. For security reasons, it comes with a warranty of one year.

    2. Wanheyao 14.5″ Tire Lever Tool

    Long 14.5' Tire Lever Tool Spoon Motorcycle Bike Tire Change Kit Dirt Bike Touring Set of ThreeCheck Price on

    The Wanheyao 14.5″ Tire Lever Tool is perfect for all dirt bikes, ATV tires, mountain bikes and any motorcycle tires. The kit has a warranty of one year thus allowing you to work without worries. It comes in 3-pieces with a casing to carry it to any place that you also, the handles provide an amazing grip. In case you need a durable kit, Wanheyao 14.5″ Tire Lever Tool is the best. It is made of hardened steel which is heavy duty and polished with chrome making and a fantastic finish.

    1. Dr.Roc Tire Iron Tool Kits

    Dr.Roc Tire Spoon Lever Dirt Bike Lawn Mower Motorcycle Tire Changing Tools with Durable Bag 3 Tire...Check Price on

    Dr.Roc Tire Iron Tool Kits is the best for motorcycle, ATV, and even bike tires. It can be used for reinstalling and removing motorcycle tires using the minimal fuss. Unlike others, it has a rim protector that will protect the rims of your wheel from scratches. It is one of the durable and robust kits you can find in town. It is made from forged steel thus making it rustproof and beautiful. The handles offer a secure grip due to their smooth, rounded edges. The kit is also straightforward to apply without affecting your rim or tube.


    In conclusion, getting the best tire changer kit can save a lot of money for motorcycle owners, as long as they get the right type. Cheap motorcycle tire changers can expose the wheels to the risk of scratching them. On the other hand, the best standard motorcycle tire changer kit can prevent scratching and, at the same time, you can quickly change the tires without any problems.

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