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Top 10 Best Cordless Electric Grease Guns in (2020) Review

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    Using mechanical tools means that we have to ensure optimal maintenance for the best performance. In particular, greasing your mechanical items is highly important. However, greasing by using the conventional and manual techniques often proves to a hassle. Therefore, the best cordless electric grease guns might be an excellent place for you to start. Equipped with one of these units, you can easily take your greasing prowess to the next level. Some of the key features to consider include the PSI, grease delivery mechanism, lever construction, grease loading features just to name a few. We considered all these features and more when preparing this review for you.

    List of the Best Cordless Electric Grease Guns in 2020:

    10. Alemite 325540-1 High-Pressure Grease Gun

    High Pressure Grease GunCheck Price on

    Greasing has never been this easy. The Alemite 325540 High-pressure grease gun is the perfect solution for your needs. As a high-pressure gun, it can provide lubricant to giant button head couplings at high 15,000 PSI. More so, a long solid lever included provides added leverage over the conventional levers. With the all steel and die-cast iron head construction, the gun provides optimal durability benefits. It also has a grease loader pump, which makes it simple add grease


    • 15,000 PSI and solid lever construction
    • All steel and die-cast iron head design
    • Bleeder valve included to control excessive pressure build up
    • Unique gun outlet construction

    9. Lincoln PowerLuber Cordless Rechargeable Grease Gun Kit

    Lincoln PowerLuber Cordless Grease Gun Kit - 12V, 6000 PSI, 1 Battery, Model Number 1242Check Price on

    Realize what it takes to achieve your unique greasing goals by using the Lincoln Power Luber Rechargeable grease gun. This unit can provide exceptional performance levels of as much as 6,000 PSI of operating pressure. Even more, the battery can recharge in less than one hour and it is capable of providing 3 or more tubes of grease on a single change. The unique design of the grease gun kit makes it ideal for a host of application. This includes for automotive and fleet maintenance purposes.


    • Powerful performance provides 6000 PSI of the operating pressure
    • 14 oz capacity with reservoir tube
    • Battery charges in less than one hour
    • Capable of dispensing 3 or more tubes of grease

    8. Alemite 575-B1 12V Cordless Grease Gun

    Alemite 575-B1 12V Cordless Grease Gun, Delivery 5.25 oz./min at 6,500 psi, 3-Way Loading, Includes...Check Price on

    Are you searching or the perfect grease gun? Consider using the Alemite 575-B1 12 V cordless grease gun. It comes with two batteries and an exceptional 36-inch high-pressure whip hose and heavy-duty coupler. More so, the grease gun can deliver exceptional lubricant pressure that can average at 6,500 pounds per square inch. The alemite loader pump also comes with a 12-volt motor that has three stages of gear reduction features. Also, a unique crank and yoke mechanism drives the reciprocating pump for optimal performance.


    • Can deliver exceptional pressures of up to 6,500 pound per square
    • 12 volt motor with three stage gear reduction
    • 1,500 mAh battery included for optimal power
    • Lightweight and ergonomic gun design

    7. Alemite 595-A 18V Lithium-Ion Powered Grease Gun

    Alemite 595-A 18V Lithium-Ion Powered Grease Gun, 8,000 psi Pressure, 25 Cartridges per Charge, 6.0...Check Price on

    With the Alemite 595-A, 18V Powered grease gun is also an excellent addition to your greasing needs. It comes with a powerful reciprocating piston pump and 3,000 maH lithium-ion battery. Furthermore, this unit can provide exceptional power levels that average at as much as 6 oz of grease per minute. Thanks to the lightweight construction, this best cordless electric grease gun is simple to use and handle. It also has a durable design that provides years of reliable functionality.


    • Develops pressure up to 8,000 psi 552 bar
    • 18 volt motor with three stage gear reduction
    • 16 0z bulk capacity and durable design

    6. Milwaukee Electric Tools – Cordless Grease Guns

    Milwaukee Electric Tools - Cordless Grease Guns M12 Grase Gun Kit: 495-2446-21XcCheck Price on

    Milwaukee is one of the top brands when it comes to producing electrical accessories. This includes the Milwaukee Electric tools M12 grease gun that can provide an exceptional pressure of levels of as much as 8150 PSI. Moreover, the pump can provide an exceptional power of as much as 7 hours. The Milwaukee Electric Tools also has a durable and high-performance design to match professional applications.


    • Compact and lightweight design construction
    • Soft grip handle and compact design
    • 3-way loading system for optimal performance
    • 2.60 oz/min design capacity

    5. Lumax LX-1175 Handyluber 12V Cordless Grease Gun

    Lumax LX-1175 Handyluber 12V Cordless Grease Gun with Single Battery, 7000 PsiCheck Price on

    For those who have struggled with the conventional grease application methods, the Lumax LX-1175 Handyluber. When fully charged the LX-1175 can provide up to 5 cartridges of grease. Also, the high flow rate 3.5 oz min does well to supply sufficient grease for your needs. The chrome plated barrel provides maximum protection against complications such as corrosion. Even more, the comfortable and non-slip grip makes the this best electric gun simple to use.


    • Full charged battery delivers 5 hours charge
    • High flow rate of 3.5 oz/min
    • Chrome plated barrel for optimal protection
    • Comfortable and non-slip grip

    4. Lumax LX-1152 Black Heavy Duty Deluxe Pistol Grease Gun

    Lumax Black LX-1152 Heavy Duty Deluxe Pistol Gun with 18' Flex Hose, Handy 3-Way Loading Standard...Check Price on

    Change the way in which you apply grease to your favourite items by investing in the Lumax LX-1152 heavy duty grease gun. It comes with a heavy-duty cast head that can provide as much as 7,000 PSI. Besides that, the three-way loading feature comprises of a unique cartridge, grease pump and suction for the best performance. The Lumax LX-1152 is also equipped with an air bleeder valve to vent the air pockets. Thanks to the inclusion of a follower rod, this unit does well to prevent accidental discharge.


    • Heavy duty cast head can develop 7,000 psi
    • Three-way loading using cartridge, suction and grease pump
    • Equipped with air bleeder valve to vent air pockets
    • Heavy 18 gauge steel barrel assures durability

    3. Lincoln Lubrication 1242 12 Volt DC Cordless Rechargeable Grease Gun

    Lincoln Lubrication 1242 12 Volt DC Cordless Rechargeable Grease Gun with Case and ChargerCheck Price on

    Whether you are into DIY or your are perhaps a professional worker, you need to own the appropriate regimen. This includes the Lincoln Lubrication also has a powerful 12 colt motor that can provide a consistent grease flow. Besides that, the well-balanced design makes lubing hard to reach fittings a simple procedure. Users will also appreciate the unique machined and hardened piston construction for optimal longevity benefits.


    • Powerful 12-volt motor delivers a consistent grease flow
    • Has balanced design makes lubing hard to reach areas simple
    • High capacity 12-volt NiCad battery
    • Machined and hardened piston design

    2. Lincoln Lubrication 1244 PowerLuber 12 Volt Cordless Grease Gun

    Lincoln Lubrication 1244 PowerLuber 12 Volt Cordless Grease Gun with Battery KitCheck Price on

    Experience the best of grease application benefits by using the Lincoln Lubrication 1244 Powerluber. Featuring a powerful 12-volt Ni-cad rechargeable battery, this unit is the perfect addition to your regimen. It comes with a powerful 2-inch needle drive that is perfect for grease application purposes. The electric grease gun is also available with the unique flex hose and spring guard for enhanced performance.


    • Fast charger included
    • 12-volt Ni-Cad rechargeable battery
    • Flex hose with spring guard included
    • Comes with a custom carrying case

    1. DEWALT DCGG571M1 20-volt MAX Lithium Ion Grease Gun

    DEWALT 20V MAX Cordless Grease Gun (DCGG571M1)Check Price on

    Dewalt is one of the leading brands when it comes to producing electric charging solutions. The powerful motor can deliver an exceptional 10,000 psi of power to suit various greasing applications. With a high-volume pump pushes as much as 5. 0z high flow grease feature for the best performance. Furthermore, the electric gun features a power 16 cartridge per charge to suit years of charging benefits.


    • Powerful motor delivers 10,000 max PSI
    • High volume pump pushes up to 5. Oz of power
    • Up to 16 cartridges per change
    • Innovative pump filter screen


    All things considered, owning the appropriate mechanical regimen determines the quality of results when handling projects. The best cordless grease guns is an excellent investment for your grease applications needs. These machines are designed to be simple to use and can provide years of reliable functionality. Greasing has never been this easy.

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