Top 10 Best Drum Pumps for Fuel of 2018 Reviews

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The best quality and longest lasting drum pumps are made from the finest materials available for manufacturing. They will be well-built and durable, functional and dependable, and reliable for years to come. These qualities become easily visible with the proper research techniques, and some experience as a researching the web. Reviews are an excellent way to see what you are going to feel like with the products in your hand. However, variables come into play that throw reviews off from time to time. As you may already know from some of our other research topics, we go overboard to ensure that our visitors have the best and most up to date information available. We research videos, blogs, manufacturers websites, spec sheets, and more. We ask industry professionals, and dig deep into customer reviews to see what the best products are, and what customers are saying after using them. It’s hard enough shopping around for the right products out here. Who wants to buy something that is just going to frustrate them? If you are looking for the best drum pumps for fuel, we have the drum pumps that we believe are at the top in their class listed for you right here.

List of the Best Drum Pumps for Fuel of 2018:

10. Action Pump QS-1 Pro-Lube Hand Operated Drum Pump

Action Pump QS-1 Pro-Lube Hand Operated Drum Pump, Rotary Action, Max Pressure 10 psi, Max Viscosity...
  • Rotary drum pump for dispensing petroleum based liquids such as oils, diesel, and kerosene
  • Hand-operated rotary lever action
  • Steel body with aluminum and nitrile components

The Action Pump QS-1 Pro-Lube Hand Operated Drum Pump is made specifically for dispensing diesel, oils, and kerosene. A steel body with aluminum and nitrile components give you a long-lasting, dependable, and hassle-free drum pump, that should last a very long time. With the flow rate of 1 quart per revolution, the hand-operated rotary lever action is designed to be ergonomic, easy to use, and offer a steady, virtually effortless way to dispense fuel.


  • Materials – Steel, Aluminum, Nitrile
  • Flow Rate – 1 Quart per Rotation
  • Maximum Viscosity – 2,000 SSU
  • Max Temperature – 140 Degrees
  • Discharge Spout – 5/8 Inch

Package Includes:

  • 1 X AND QS-1 Rotary Drum Pump
  • 1 X 34″ Suction Tube
  • 1 X 2″ Bung Adapter


Action Pump Company has been an industry leader for better than 30 years now. They are a top worldwide manufacturer of drum and pail pumps, along with grease, oil, and lube transfer systems. Action Pump customers have become accustomed to the highest quality fuel transfer systems in the business, that they don’t have to keep re-buying. Action pumps are easy to use, cost effective, and designed for superior performance and durability.

9. GPI 123000-06, RP-10-UL Rotary Fuel Hand Pump

GPI 123000-06, RP-10-UL Rotary Fuel Hand Pump, Up to 10 GPM
  • Virtually maintenance free for daily use. Ideal for portable construction and agriculture applications.
  • Built-in strainer and anti-siphon valve. Handle lock deters fluid theft.
  • Light-weight aluminum body provides corrosion resistance and reduces tank stress. 90 degree street elbow reduces hose strain.

Made for direct mounting on drums, barrels, or portable tanks, this pump is specifically built for the transfer of gasoline, diesel, kerosene, and up to 30 w oil. There is a built-in strainer to keep particles of debris clear of your engines, and an anti-siphon valve and handle lock to prevent leaks and deter thieves. The lightweight aluminum is great at preventing corrosion, and the 90-degree street elbow makes dispensing a cinch and keeps the hose from kinking up on you, allowing a long lasting and durable solution for drum fuel transfer.


  • Materials – Light Weight Aluminum, Aluminum Allow Handle, Buna-N Statically Grounded Hose, Nitrile Seal
  • Flow Rate – 10 Gallons per 100 Revolutions
  • Maximum Viscosity – Not Listed
  • Max Temperature – Not Listed
  • Discharge Spout – Built-in strainer and anti-siphon valve. Handle lock deters fluid theft.
  • Warranty – 2 Year Manufacturers Warranty

Package Includes:

  • 1 X RP-10 hand pump
  • 1 X 3/4in. x 8ft. Buna-N hose
  • 1 X Metal nozzle
  • 1 X Handle (1) Adjustable suction pipe
  • 1 X Tank riser
  • 1 X 90° street elbow
  • 1 X Hardware kit


GPI Started in the business building flow meters for fuel measurement. The meters were designed to calibrate herbicides and pesticides mainly. Soon after that, people started wanting GPI devices more and more for non-agricultural uses. GPI took off in the industry, and has been a cornerstone in the fuel transfer industry ever since. That being said, this hand pump is designed and manufactured by an industry leader that knows their business well, and has years of experience and a reputable brand name to uphold. GPI designed this pump to last for eons, and to get the job done safely and effectively with virtually no hassle. According to customers, GPI designs the, “Greatest hand pumps in the world!” – Darin Drain (Jan. 31, 2017).

8. Fill-Rite FR112 Rotary Vane Hand Pump

Fill-Rite FR112 Rotary Vane Hand Pump with Discharge Hose, Nozzle Spout, and Suction Pipe
  • 10 gallons per 100 revolutions
  • Cast aluminum construction for corrosion resistance and light weight
  • Pump can be padlocked for security

Designed for use with portable tanks, drums, and barrels, the FR112 from Fill-Rite will deliver up to 10 gallons of fuel per 100 revolutions. It comes with a suction tube, hose assembly, and dispensing spout, and it also includes a full quiver of features. Easily mountable with a 2″ NPT bung. The Aluminum body will resist corrosion, and the FR112 will also offer you anti-siphoning protection and a lockable pumping mechanism to deter thieves and prevent unneeded waste. Made to be super-easy to use with continuous transfer, and everything you need to pump your fuel comes included in the package!


  • Materials – Lightweight Cats Aluminum Body
  • Flow Rate – 10 Gallons Per 100 Revolutions
  • Maximum Viscosity – Medium Viscosity Liquids, Lite Oils, Gas, and Diesel
  • Max Temperature – Not Listed
  • Discharge Spout – Built-In Check Valve and Strainer with Anti-Siphoning

Package Includes:

  • 3/4 in. x 8 ft. NPT Hose
  • Telescoping Steel Suction Pipe
  • Nozzle Spout


Founded in 1971, Westech started out building electronic dispenser consoles. Not long after that, they grew into a “full-fledged equipment distributor.” Westech services contractors and manufacturers all over the world, and they considered experts in their trade, with designs that are second to none. After researching Westech for a good while online, we have no question… Westech will deliver high quality products, every time. 24/7 – 365 customer service for questions, and a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty to boot. This pump comes highly recommended from companies and respected entities in the fuel industry, and is a great value for the price, that should last for years.

7. Graco 24G636 Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) Manual Hand Pump

Graco 24G636 Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) Manual Hand Pump
  • Provides a simple, cost-effective solution to dispensing diesel exhaust fluid
  • Pump can be installed in any orientation - 360 degrees
  • Includes a pump locking ring to fully secure the pump to the drum

The Grayco 24G636 Diesel Exhaust Fluid Manual Hand Pump is designed to be a cost-effective and simple dispensing device. Capable of pumping 30 cubic feet per minute, this pump can be installed in any orientation with a 360° turning mechanism for easy access. Comes with a pump locking ring to secure the pump to the drum so that you don’t have to keep readjusting and fighting with it. This package comes with a hand pump, dispensing hose, and suction tube. This drum pump is made for pumping diesel exhaust fluid only. Another high-quality device from Graco.


  • Materials – Polypropylene construction
  • Flow Rate – 30 cubic feet per minute
  • Maximum Viscosity – Not listed
  • Max Temperature – Not Listed
  • Discharge Spout – Included

Package Includes:

  • 1 X Hand Pump
  • 1 X Dispense Hose
  • 1 X Suction Tube


Graco once again, has been an industry leader basically since they started out in the business. They are a well known and highly respected brand in the fuel transfer product industry, and we seriously doubt that you will get poor quality piece of equipment from them. Graco Deliberately designs and manufactures only the best fuel transfer equipment, and they have a large, worldwide footprint that knows this.

6. GPI 114000-10, HP-100-UL High Flow Piston Fuel Hand Pump

GPI 114000-10, HP-100-UL High Flow Piston Fuel Hand Pump, 50 Gallons per 100 Stroke Cycles, Hose,...
  • Dual-Flo piston design pumps fluid on both the push and pull stroke. Flow on both the push and pull stroke delivers superior fluid dispensing and reduces operator fatigue.
  • Two-position handle provides versatility for both high and low flow rate applications, up to up to 50 gallons per 100 stroke cycles (push/pull). Light-weight aluminum body provides corrosion...
  • Handle lock deters fluid theft. Comes with 0.75-inch x 8-foot Nitrile hose with static wire and metal nozzle.

The GPI 114000-10, HP-100-UL High Flow Piston Fuel Hand Pump is made of aluminum, designed to resist corrosion and stand the test of time. With a maximum flow rate of 50 Gallons per 100 Strokes, this manual hand pump comes with a hose, metal spout nozzle & suction pipe. The GPI 114000-10 is designed to deliver superior flow with very little effort. There is an incorporated handle lock to deter thieves, and a two-position handle that provides versatility and excellent flow rate, reducing tank stress and resistance. This pump is designed for diesel, (blends to B20) gasoline, (alcohol blends up to E15) hydraulic fuel, and 30 weight oil. This is a high-quality device from a known and trusted world leader in fuel transfer products, and GPI is and will remain a name you can trust.


  • Materials – Aluminum
  • Flow Rate – 50 GPM
  • Maximum Viscosity – Up to 3000 center post viscosity
  • Max Temperature – not listed
  • Discharge Spout – Thermoplastic nozzle, 2 Handle settings allowing high or low volumes with less resistance!
  • Warranty – 2 year Manufacturers Warranty

Package Includes:

  • 1 X .75″ 8′ Nitrile Hose
  • 1 X Thermoplastic Nossle
  • 1 X Adjustable 40″ Suction Pipe


One of the world leaders in fuel transfer products, GPI has been long since trusted to manufacture only the best products known to man. This pump is designed to dispense just about any type of fuel easily with little resistance, and it has a locking mechanism to prevent theft. This pump offers a 2 NPT bung for secure, carefree fuel transfer, and GPI products are built to last. You can expect this pump to last for years, and have the feel and mechanics of a top quality pump.

5. Fuelworks 10305708A 12V 15GPM Fuel Transfer Pump Kit

Fuelworks 10305708A 12V 15GPM Fuel Transfer Pump Kit with 14' Hose, Extensible Suction Tube and...
  • The explosion proof fuel transfer pump is designed for tank or barrel mounting to dispense flammable liquids like gasoline, diesel, and kerosene
  • Delivers up to 15 GPM / 57 LPM with 12V motor
  • Comes with lockable nozzle holder, extensible suction tube, manual nozzle, 14 ft. Discharge Hose and 2 inch bung adapter

The Fuelworks Fuel Transfer Pump Kit comes with 14′ hose, for extra long reach. Made perfectly for barrels and drums, the extendable suction tube and manual nozzle are constructed with the highest-grade materials available for manufacturing… the first sign of an industry leader. Designed to pump diesel, gasoline, or kerosene, this explosion proof fuel transfer pump will transfer up to 20 gallons per minute with a 12/24/120 V motor. The kit comes with a 2″ NFT bung adapter so that it doesn’t come loose, and a lockable nozzle holder to deter thieves. 4.2 m discharge hose offers plenty of slack to reach your equipment without being burdensome.


  • Materials – Steel
  • Flow Rate – 15-20 Gallons per minute.
  • Maximum Viscosity – not listed
  • Max Temperature – 140 Degrees F
  • Discharge Spout – Manual/Auto Nozzle

Package Includes:

  • 1 X Pump
  • 1 X Hose
  • 1 X Nozzle


This is a high-efficiency vane pump, designed by a team of experts and manufactured by respected name in fuel transfer products. Fuelworks has been around since 1992, and they are a certified company with core values and standards that we give 100% credit to, all the way across the board. One-year limited warranty, and we find it hard to believe that you will ever be done wrong with a Fuelworks product.

4. Fill-Rite RD812NH 8 GPM 12V Portable Fuel Transfer Pump with Manual Nozzle

Fill-Rite RD812NH 8 GPM 12V Portable Fuel Transfer Pump with Manual Nozzle, Discharge Hose, Suction...
  • UL, cUL, CE, ATEX, IECEX certifications
  • Self-priming pump for gasoline, diesel, biodiesel (up to B20), kerosene and E15
  • 30 minute duty cycle, with thermal motor protection

The Fill-Rite 8 GPM 12V Portable Fuel Transfer Pump has a manual nozzle, and it is designed to pump gasoline, diesel, kerosene, and methanol, up to 15%, and bio-diesel up to B20. This is a certified frustration-free product, designed to pump 8 gallons per minute at 16 pounds per square inch maximum pressure. This pump comes with female NPT threads, with a 6-foot suction hose and a 10-foot power cord with alligator clips. This kit comes ready to go, and is built to last. The Fill-Rite RD812NH comes with a two-year warranty, and is from a world-class manufacturer, known for top-quality products in the fuel transfer product industry.


  • Materials – Aluminum and Cast-iron
  • Flow Rate – 8 Gallons per minute.
  • Maximum Viscosity – Not Listed
  • Max Temperature – Not Listed
  • Discharge Spout – Eight-foot discharge hose with 6-foot suction hose

Package Includes:

  • RD8 Pump
  • 8′ Discharge Hose
  • 6′ Suction Hose
  • 3/4″ Manual Nozzle
  • 10′ Power Cord with Alligator Clips


The features for this DC Portable Pump by Fill-Rite just go on and on. You’ve got a low-profile thoroughly protected unit, self-priming with a 30-minute duty cycle, a smooth, in-line switch, and it’s compatible with just about every kind of fuel that you could want to pump. It includes everything you need to pump fuel hassle-free, and effectively, and an aluminum construction prevents corrosion. On top of that, you get a two-year manufacturer’s warranty from one of the best manufacturers in the business. This company can honestly be traced back to 1892. They deliver quality products have been used to doing that for quite some time now. We have no questions on the quality of a Fill-Rite pump!

3. Fill-Rite FR711VA 115V AC High Flow Pump

The Fill-Rite FR711VA 115V AC High Flow Pump, offers a 1/3 hp motor with sealed bearings and heavy-duty switch and hi Flow automatic nozzle. This is a well-designed, explosion proof fuel transfer pump, with thermal overload protection and a junction box. Carbon vanes and ceramic carbon seals that are built to do away with repair expenses and reduce wear and tear. They have incorporated an easily removable strainer, automatic bypass valve, and integral check valve, making sure you have the cleanest fuel possible. There is a pressure relief on the outlet side that will reduce pressure drop, giving you the improved vertical lift that you need for a steady, dependable flow. You get your standard drum ready 2-inch threaded bung for tank openings, keeping your device secure so that you can pump carefree and hassle-free.


  • Materials – cast-iron construction, with an iron rotor and carbon rotary valves, And a black nitrile rubber hose
  • Flow Rate – 18 GPM (68 LPM)
  • Maximum Viscosity – Not Listed
  • Max Temperature – Not Listed
  • Discharge Spout – 1 inch hi Flow automatic nozzle
  • Warranty – Two-year manufacturer’s warranty

Package Includes:

  • 1 X 1/3 hp motor with pump
  • 1 X 1″ x 18′ UL listed hose
  • 1 X 901-gallon mechanical meter
  • 1 X 1 inch ultra-flow automatic nozzle


This company has over 50 years of experience, after taking over a brand that could be traced to before the 1900’s, and Fill-Rite is not in the business to disappoint their customers. In terms of quality, Fill-Rite is one of the most prestigious manufacturers of top-quality fuel transfer products in the industry. Five stars from previous customers and meant to deliver superior performance every time.

2. FUELWORKS 120 Volts / 8 GPM Electric DEF Transfer Pump Kit

FUELWORKS Heavy Duty PRO Blue Electric Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) UREA Pump Whole Set Package
  • This dispensing unit is design to be easily moved from an IBC tank to another, with powder coated steel wall mounted plate, easy to install, versatile and compact
  • The unit basically has installed a self priming membrane pump, a plastic manual nozzle and EPDM suction and delivery hose to make an easier filling operation
  • The turbine measuring meter, Auto shut off nozzle and SEC connection will be optional

Fuelworks 120 Volts / 8 GPM Electric DEF Transfer Pump Kit is designed for diesel exhaust fluid and UREA/Chemical fluid. With an automatic nozzle and EPDM suction delivery hose, the Electric DEF Transfer Pump Kit allows for an excellent filling operation. Designed for durability, this is a self-priming membrane pump with a turbine measuring meter and automatic shut off. SEC connection is optional. This unit is designed to be transferred easily from one IBC tank to another, with a powder coated steel wall mounted plate. The Transfer Pump Kit from Fuelworks is easy to install, versatile, compact, and built to last. Exactly what you are looking for in a drum pump.


  • Materials – Stainless Steel
  • Flow Rate – 3-26 GPM / 10-100LPM
  • Maximum Viscosity – Not Listed
  • Max Temperature – Not Listed
  • Discharge Spout – Included

Package Includes:

  • 1 X 20ft(6m) delivery hose and a 5ft (1.5m) suction house
  • 1 X UREA/DEF transfer membrane pump complete
  • 1 X 12V/24V/120V/230V electric motor without dynamic seals
  • 1 X DIGITAL METER with Turbine measuring system


Fuelworks is an industry leader, and we are getting tired of saying that, but every company on this list is. Fuelworks carries with them a lot of respect in the fuel transfer products industry. This is one of their newest products, and it already has a five-star review. Fuelworks products have been top-quality since they started in the business, and they do that deliberately because these sell to some of the most prestigious companies in the world. Easily transferable, long-lasting, high quality, and a pump that is designed to provide dependable, steady flow.

1. Titan 902-031-0 DEF Electric Drum Pump, 115V and 12V

Titan 902-031-0 DEF Electric Drum Pump, 115V and 12V
  • Purpose built for the DEF market
  • ISO 22241 Compliant
  • Universal Fit for Standard 55 gallon Plastic Drums

The Titan 902-031-0 DEF Electric Drum Pump is designed and manufactured by Titan. Titan is a global manufacturer and distributor of high-grade pumps to industry professionals. This pump provides a maximum flow rate of 5 gallons per minute, a body material made of polypropylene, and stainless steel with Viton seals. The electric drum pump from Titan is specifically built for the DEF market. This product is meant to be an affordable solution for low-volume shops and the best alternative for pumping from drums. The Titan 902-031-0 features a self-priming submersible pump that is long-lasting and durable. There is a filter equipped intake, that prevents debris from getting in your fuel. This pump is also compatible with antifreeze and windshield washer fluid, so if you need an all-purpose pump, this is your pump.


  • Materials – Poly Propylene, Stainless Steel Inner, Viton Seals
  • Flow Rate – 5 GPM
  • Maximum Viscosity – Not Listed
  • Max Temperature – Not Listed
  • Discharge Spout – manual DEF nozzle, with integrated nozzle holder with built in nozzle swivel

Package Includes:

  • 1 X 6’6″ plastic DEF hose
  • 1 X manual DEF nozzle
  • Self-priming submersible pump
  • 10 ft dispense hose
  • replaceable particulate filter
  • 33.5 – 34 inch downtube
  • fully rechargeable battery
  • 12 all alligator clips


Titan specifically designed this pump to make your pumping experience as ergonomic as possible to use, preventing kinking, and premature wear and tear. You get an improved grip with the drum bung adapter, and the package includes everything you need to start pumping fuel. Titan supplies products to some of the biggest companies in the world, and is a trusted name brand in fuel transfer products. This despite the meager looks of this pump, we had to leave out about half of the features, because if we didn’t we were going to make you read a book. This product is highly recommended with four stars.

Final Thoughts

Well, this time we outdid ourselves. We had no trouble finding you the fuel transfer products that sit directly at the top of their class neck to neck with each other. Every manufacturer on our list is immaculately conformed to customer service, dedicated to quality products, and have been servicing us for years and years. We have nothing but industry leaders that pride themselves on the highest quality designs in the industry. They service businesses, contractors, and other manufacturers in most cases, so pretty much… take your pick. Our personal favorite is Graco Inc., but every single one of these products on this list is worthy of mention, so we honestly can’t recommend one product over the other. They all stand out for their own differences. Our best advice is to stick with the top manufacturers that we’ve listed here, and you can go wrong. Pick something according to your needs, and you will be a very satisfied customer. This was one of our favorite top 10 lists of all times to create for you! Enjoy!

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