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Top 10 Best Rubberized Hard Case Covers for MacBook Air/Pro 13 Inch 2016 & 2017 Review

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    There you are, with your new Mac! You caress it, you smell it, you kiss it, and you keep it where you think it’s safe. You treat your Mac like a baby, afraid it’s going to get conflict, leaving scars on the surface. That makes sense because you are the owner. Also, the Macs regularly cost an arm and a leg to purchase, and if you are just going to be hard at it, of course, it’s not going to last very long as it’s supposed to. Accidents are inevitable. You can never tell what will happen in the next minute. Your beloved Mac might drop or just scratch with something hard, and all of a sudden, it’s over. Better prevent than regret. You do really need something to cover your lovely Mac not only for protection but also a greater look. We would love to introduce you to 10 best rubberized hard case covers for MacBook Air/Pro 13 Inch 2016 & 2017.

    List of the Best Rubberized Hard Case Covers for MacBook Air/Pro 13 Inch 2016 & 2017:

    10. Mosiso MacBook Pro 13 Case 2017 & 2016

    Mosiso Hard Case with Keyboard Cover with Screen Protector with Storage Bag for Newest Macbook Pro...Check Price on

    Your newest MacBook Pro Retina 13 inch is perfect with the Mosiso. Coming in hot design, Mosis MacBook Pro 13 case ensures your beloved Mac with the best hospitality, protect it against spill and contamination. With 12 by 8.5 by 0.6 inch measurement, this case is perfectly designed for the newest MacBook Pro 13 Inch with/without Touch Bar and Touch ID with the dimension of 11.97 x 8.36 x 0.59 inch. For your laptop best comfort, the case is also coming with 2 matching color keyboard covers, 1 screen protector and 1 small storage bag to guarantee the best protection on your laptop. Available in such a chic look, Mosiso can also be found in 15 lovely colors.

    9. GMYLE Garden Flower Macbook Air 13 inch case

    GMYLE MacBook Air 13 Inch Case A1466 A1369 Old Version 2010 2017, Hard Shell Plastic Clear Crystal...Check Price on

    What a marvelous design! Many artwork designs you can choose from based on your personal taste which makes this case fit in both men and women. The high quality hard coating protects your MacBook from accidental hard knocks and scratches. Don’t you ever worry! Even with the cover on, you always have full access to all the button and features while plugging your charger, cable, or headset without removing the case. During application, your laptop cannot be harmed under the simple clip-on/off design. What more could you ask from a case?

    8. Mosiso Plastic Pattern Hard Case

    MOSISO MacBook Air 13 inch Case (A1369 & A1466, Older Version 2010-2017 Release), Plastic Pattern...Check Price on

    Mosiso will never leave you! Available in 23 magnificent looks, you don’t have to fear you will not find the one that fits your interest. Made from polycarbonate material, the case is very flexible and durable. The design promises to deliver your laptop with the most functional yet fashionable look enabling you to carry it in an exclusive chic style. The MOSISO Plastic Rubberized Hard Case protects your laptop from scratches leaving no bulkiness while the Keyboard Cover prevents your laptop from accidental spilling and dust.

    7. iCasso Macbook Air 13 inch Rubber Coated Soft Touch Hard Shell Protective Case

    iCasso MacBook Air 13 inch Case (Release 2010-2017), Plastic Pattern Hard Shell Protective Case &...Check Price on

    Baffled by its classic look? This case comes in custom-made design which is perfect for MacBook Air 13″ A1369 & A1466. The logo is always there if you ask, visible through the case when the laptop is on and screen brightness is up. The transparency of the case keeps your laptop unique and compelling. You can put your full confidence on iCasso in guarding your laptop since the case is made from anti-fingerprint material to improve scratch resistance performance. Heat is reduced with the bottom shell vent while you can plug your charger, cable or headset without having to remove the case. Pretty amazing, isn’t it?

    6. Ruban – AIR 13-inch Wine Red Rubberized Hard Back Case for MacBook Air 13.3″

    RUBAN Case Only Compatible with MacBook Air 13 Inch (Models: A1369 & A1466, Older Version 2010-2017...Check Price on

    Enjoy every moment of yours and your Macbook with Ruban! The hard-plastic case with rubber paint over top and bottom covers for silky-smooth soft touch are integrated to ensure the best protection and the magnificent sense of style. Don’t worry you’ll lose your beloved Apple brand while you can open or close your Macbook all the way and access to all ports. Even the case is on, your laptop won’t increase in heat. The fully vented for safe heat disbursement is totally removable which makes it easy to put on and take off. 10 lovely colors and designs can be found in Ruban Case.

    5. iDOO Matte Rubber Coated Soft Touch Plastic Hard Case

    iDOO Matte Rubber Coated Soft Touch Plastic Hard Case for MacBook Air 13 inch Model A1369 and A1466...Check Price on

    Your Apple MacBook Air 13 inch Model A1369 and A1466 look will look great in iDOO Matte Hard Case. The design is made to be visible so that the logo appears when the laptop is on and the screen brightness is up. 100% accessible, you can get to all ports while the 2 part snaps on design make it easy to take on and off. Designed in a smooth matte finish, the bottom cover is fully vented to allow effective and safe heat dissipation. To protect the best on your laptop beauty, non-stick fingerprint helps enhancing scratch resistance performance. Made for everyone, this lovely case can be found in 36 colors.

    4. ProCase Rubberized Hard Case Shell Cover

    ProCase MacBook Pro 13 Case 2019 2018 2017 2016 Release A2159 A1989 A1706 A1708, Hard Case Shell...Check Price on

    Here we present you with ProCase Case Cover which is exclusively designed for Apple MacBook Pro 13″ with/without Touch Bar A1706/A1708 (2017 & 2016 Release). Pretty light in weight, the ultra slim liglightweightrd case is only 1.2mm thick leaving you the fresh feeling of portability. Perfect for all the condition, the soft rubberized coating provides you with the full protection away from scrapes and scratches coming along a matching color keyboard cover. With ProCase, there are 17 chic designs to choose from.

    3. Mosiso Plastic Hard Case with Keyboard Cover

    MOSISO Plastic Hard Shell Case & Keyboard Cover & Screen Protector Only Compatible with MacBook Air...Check Price on

    Made for MacBook Air 13 Inch No CD-ROM (A1369/A1466 Version), the case comes in snap on design which is easy on and off. You have 100% access to all buttons and features while being able to plug your charger, cable or headset without removing the case. For convenience, the case is engineered to be super lightweight with exquisite finish to protect your MacBook from scrapes and scratches. A matching color keyboard color and a screen protector are brought to ensure the best protection on your MacBook keyboard and screen against spills and contaminates. For the best sense of style and taste, Mosiso Hard Case is coming in 31 colors.

    2. iBenzer Basic Soft-Touch Series Plastic Hard Case

    IBENZER Old Version (2010-2017 Release) MacBook Air 13 Inch Case (Models: A1466 / A1369), Plastic...Check Price on

    Your beloved MacBook will look more marvelous in iBenzer Plastic Hard Case. Not only does it protect your laptop from inevitable dings and scratches, it also helps improving impressive design aesthetics. The high-grade transparent plastic ensures the visibility of your Apple logo when the laptop is on and the brightness is up. At only 12 oz, your Mac obviously does not see it as a burden. Everyone can do it! The case is equipped with micro clips that securely fastens to your MacBook while the snaps can be turned off easily when necessary. 27 lovely colors can be chosen from, so make sure to pick the best for your taste.

    1. TOP CASE – 2 in 1 Bundle Deal Graphics Rubberized Hard Case

    TOP CASE - 2 in 1 Signature Bundle Graphics Matte Hard Case + Keyboard Cover Compatible MacBook Air...Check Price on

    Just fantastic! The design simply makes your laptop stand out from the crowd. Your logo will shine under the faint light whenever the laptop is on and the brightness is up. Incredible light and weight, you obviously don’t feel no more burden at carrying your laptop. Don’t worry about the accessibility. Even when the case is on, you can always get access to all buttons and features while your laptop is being protected from accidental knocks and scratches. Feel free to plug your charger, cable or headset without interruption. The keyboard cover at the same time will guard your keyboard while providing brilliant light. With TOP CASE, your experience with your Mac will be enlightened!


    You just witnessed the existence of the 10 best of the best rubberized hard case covers for MacBook Pro 13 Inch 2016 and 2017. Don’t take your Mac for granted! Provide it with the best protection as much as you could to ensure it could bring you back with the best performance and durability. Along with guaranteed protection, those top cases also add improves and enlightens your laptops in terms of look and fashion. Hesitate no more! There is almost nowhere else you could find such magnificent products at such reasonable prices. Click order now to present your laptop with the best gift, the best rubberized hard case cover in 2017.

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