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Comparing Amazon Prime, Netflix, HBO Now, and Showtime and Which One You Should Subscribe

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    Subscribing to video streaming services has become popular widely in the United States of America and other countries. There have been lots of video streaming services available as of now with a competitive price and quality, such as Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, HBO Now, and Showtime. Amazon prime video is an internet video service which is run by the Amazon Company. Their services are television shows and films for rent or purchase. It is available countrywide whereby customers are able to access the prime video easily. Showtime is the premium cable and satellite television networks that serve as the flagship service worldwide. Netflix is an entertainment company which provides streaming media and video on demand online, it can also produce films and television production. HBO Now is another streaming internet service which is found only in the U.S territories with the high broadband connection. To help you make a better decision on which service to subscribe, we have reviewed their services below:

    1. Amazon Prime Instant Video Service: Amazone Prime Video

    Amazon Prime Video

    This service is an internet video on demand offered by the online retailer, You can rent movies and TV shows from it. The information available can be streamed for free in Amazon prime instant videos, and the service is eligible to instant video subscribers. With prime membership, customers can easily access thousands of prime videos with no cost.

    Compared to other services amazon supports up to 4k UHD and high dynamic range streaming which is rolled out with its original content.

    Amazon web services have acquired think box software which makes technology used by media and entertainment architects and engineers to manage large systems for processing computer generated graphics and video. Amazon Company has been making a smaller number of acquisitions to achieve a high-performance computer software industry. Provides programmatic access to latent features on its website.


    • With eligible prime membership, you have access to thousands of video titles at no cost.
    • Purchase video subscriptions to show time, stars and other streaming entertainment channels through Amazon video.
    • Provides two-day shipping for qualified purchases, prime video, music, and ability to borrow books from Kindle owner’s lending library.
    • Web services and software’s are of high quality and demand.


    • Only designed for shopaholics.
    • Forced to buy from Amazon; even if not forced to shop from their website, fact that you have paid to enjoy services will encourage to buy from Amazon only.
    • Not good for local retailers; unlike other consumers who will make orders and be delivered in two days, will be bad for local retailers.

    Sign up for the Amazon Prime Video here 

    2. Netflix Open Source Software Center


    Netflix offers the technology to operate services responsibly focused on providing the leading television network. Delivers immersive experiences across all networks or internet connected screens. Netflix deployment technology allows continuous build and integration of network services in over fifty countries. Manages operational insight, peak performance, and security.

    The days of buying expensive discs or tune in live in order to watch your favorite movies and shows are gone, online streaming makes it possible to watch live news and sports, classic movies and modern TV shows at any time on any device. Allocates standard streaming on a single device, high definition on two devices and simultaneous streaming up to four devices. Netflix streaming service allows subscribers to stream television series and films on their personal computers.

    Netflix service plans are divided into three price tiers; the lowest offers standard definition streaming on a single device, second allows high definition on two devices simultaneously and platinum tier allows up to four devices and 4k streaming on supported devices internet connection.


    • Brand; developing up faster in the society and association is generally positive
    • Platform; Netflix has the best delivery system, this helps keep customers loyal and trustworthy.
    • Streaming video is cheaper


    • Valuation is high, which makes purchasing Netflix stock difficult to justify. Increase of prices did not pick out well with consumers and made Netflix to stumble.
    • Show ownership

    Join free for a month at NetFlix

    3. HBO Now Streaming Services

    HBO Now

    HBO Now streaming service is available in some United States authorities with a high broadband connection. They offer big budget and programming services to different devices. Outside the United States, the HBO programs are available through various subscription service such as online and on pay TV platforms. HBO Now is quite expensive since it’s situated at a particular place.


    • Provides cable channel new stand-alone service which is reliable to the consumers.
    • Unlike in HBO Go, the app that cable and satellite TV subscribers, HBO Now gives instant access to new TV episodes.
    • It is cheaper than paying for cable TV.


    • It is situated at a particular place.
    • Works under high broadband connections.
    • Not reliable for local consumers.

    Sign up for 1 month free at HBO Now here



    SHOWTIME is an American premium cable and satellite television network that serves as the flagship service. The brand is used by a number of channels and platforms around the world.SHOWTIME operates a subscription video-on-demand television service which offers feature films, original series adult programming, and sports events.


    • Popular TV Company with great programming.
    • Socially progressive and creative.
    • Good intentioned.
    • Big personalities and great business ideas.


    • Too many creative people create navigating personalities and decisions complex.
    • Lack of employee training.
    • Low salaries.
    • Disorganized corporate structure.

    Sign up for SHOWTIME here

    In conclusion, both Amazon Prime Video and Netflix are online streaming services for movies and TV shows on any device. Netflix has a larger content library of devices that are supported by Amazon Prime, offers subtitles for TV shows and movies. Amazon tends to have a smaller library of available titles but offers the latest movies and TV shows for instant watching. Netflix, on the other hand, offers TV shows and movies of over one year old. Compared to Amazon Prime and Netflix, HBO Now is found only on the United States where there is high connection while SHOWTIME is a premium cable and satellite television networks.

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