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Top 10 Best Scissor Sharpening Machine of (2020) Review

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    Standard cutting tools like knives and scissors help us with various day-to-day cutting applications. That is why they are an important part of our domestic items. However, due to wear and tear of daily use, these tools will lose their sharpness over time, making your cutting tasks a bit difficult. That is why you need a good tool sharpening system on standby.

    Nonetheless, there are numerous sharpeners out there from which you can select for your sharpening needs. Despite that, one thing remains clear: not all sharpeners will offer the same value. While some sharpeners may enable you to resharpen your cutting tools effectively with a little effort, other sharpeners may or may not get the job done quite properly. You may need to put in extra effort in order to get your cutting tools sharpened accordingly.

    That can be quite a drawback for something you have paid a few hundred dollars for. To help you avoid substandard scissor sharpening machines, the market is currently flooded with, we decided to compile a list of quality sharpeners from which you can select if shopping. Check out each product to choose the one that best fits the bill:

    List of the Best Scissor Sharpening Machine of 2020:

    10. Unique Imports’ 3-in-1 Electric Professional Knife Sharpener Tool

    Electric Professional Knife Sharpener Tool 3-in-1 Sharpening Machine for Knives Scissors and...Check Price on

    This is one of the best electric multipurpose sharpeners, ever made by Unique Imports. It is designed to sharpen not only scissors but also knives and scissors. Key features include retractable cord, small and compact design, as well as easy to use. All you have to do is to power it up and gently run the blade of your knife or scissors along the recommended sharpening compartment, to sharpen your tool.

    9. WEN’s 4276 Bench Grinder with Flexible Work Light

    WEN 4276 2.1-Amp 6-Inch Bench Grinder with Flexible Work LightCheck Price on

    WEN’s grinder not only sharpens your knives, scissors, and screwdrivers well, but it also restores the sharpness of your workshop tools that have dull blades. Equipped with a 2.1-Amp motor, this lightweight machine is powerful enough to grind and sharpen all of your tools with a cutting-edge precision. You will love the fact that it comes equipped with a lamp, which lets you work your tools even in spaces with poor lighting conditions.

    8. Tormek’s HTK706 Complete Multi-Tool Sharpening System

    Knife Sharpener / Scissor Sharpener / Axe Sharpener Tormek HTK706 - The Hand Tool Sharpening Kit for...Check Price on

    Whether you are looking for the best machine for sharpening knives, scissors, screwdrivers, and axes, the Tormek HTK706 sharpener has got you covered. This manual sharpener will do a great job at sharpening all your cutting tools plus other tools with components that may need sharpening once in a while. It comes with all the jigs necessary for any particular sharpening project. Plus it is packed in a compact tray which can be screwed to the wall to save space.

    7. Tormek’s T4 Water-Cooled Tool Sharpening System

    Tormek T4 Water Cooled Precision Sharpening System with 8-Inch StoneCheck Price on

    This is a powerful fluid-cooled sharpening system built from high-quality stainless steel and ABS plastic materials imported from abroad. The Tormek T4 tool sharpener is designed for knives, scissors, wood chisels, axes, lathe turning tools, and many other standard edge tools we use on a daily basis. Key features include but not limited to, a powerful motor, 1-5/8″ wide dual grit sharpening stone, and diecast Zinc top. Finally, it comes with a 7-year warranty for adequate coverage.

    6. Chef’sChoice 500 ScissorPro Professional Diamond Hone Scissor Sharpener

    Chef's Choice 500 Scissorpro, 2-Stage, WhiteCheck Price on

    Chef’sChoice 500 two-step professional diamond hone scissor sharpener sharpens and hone blades effectively, quickly and easily. One of its outstanding features is the Patented Magna-Flex technology, which combines springs and magnets to control angle, apply correct pressure as well as stabilization. It also features two different types of discs each with a specific purpose. The fine disc rotates to give your blunt tool an incredibly sharp edge even as the coarse disc oscillates to recondition the damaged edges of your tool. This is a smart and compact electric sharpener that is quite easy to store or transport.

    5. Tormek’s TBC807 T8 Complete Sharpening System with a Scissor Jig

    Tormek Sharpening System Chefs System TBC807 T8 A Complete Water Cooled Sharpener with Three Knife...Check Price on

    Just like product number 7, this product is built from very high-quality materials imported from overseas. Tormek TBC807 T8 is a complete sharpening system for scissors, knives and many other standard edge tools you use on a daily basis. Besides the standard features, it comes with a lot of extra features including an angle master, diamond truing tool, honing compound and more for best results. Plus you also enjoy a 7-year warranty.

    4. Wolff’s OGC-TAS 110 Complete Ookami Gold Sharpening System

    Wolff Ookami Gold Complete Sharpening System With Convexing Clamp OGC-TAS 110Check Price on

    The OGC-TAS 110V sharpening system by Wolf ensures your tools remain twice as sharp. This complete sharpening system with standard clamp and convexing clamp lets you sharpen and polish all types of scissors including convex ones all the way up the spine. It is also great for sharpening knives, chisels, axes and many other cutting tools.

    3. Wolff’s 110V Industrial Twice as Sharp Scissor Sharpening System

    No products found.No products found.

    This is a complete industrial sharpening system from Wolff, which is designed for in-house factory sharpening. The 110V scissor sharpener comes with a 100 grit fine grain aluminum oxide sharpening wheel, 350 grit fine silicon carbide honing wheel and Double-sealed Rulon® sharpening arms. Finally, it features a ¾-of-an-inch opening sharpening clamp that lets you set angles from 0 – 57 degrees. With all these well thought out and practical features, this product can help you restore the original sharpness of your cutting tools quickly and easily.

    2. Tormek’s TBP805 T8 Ultimate Plus Sharpening System

    Tormek Sharpening System Ultimate Plus TBP805 T8 A Complete Water Cooled Sharpener with Woodturning...Check Price on

    This is one of the ultimate sharpening system kits from Tormek that let you sharpen your blunt knives, scissors, chisels, axes, carving tools axes, and so on. The TBP805 T8 tool sharpening machine comes with more features than many sharpening machines in its class. It is equipped with more accessories compared to its counterparts. Some of the rare features of this machine that set it apart include a turning tool setter, profiled leather honing wheel and planer blade attachment. Other features are an angle master, diamond truing tool and honing compound.

    1. Work Sharp’s Ken Onion Edition Knife & Tool Sharpener

    Work Sharp Knife & Tool Sharpener Ken Onion EditionCheck Price on

    Work Sharp is arguably the best scissor sharpening machine. With this complete sharpening system, you can sharpen your knives, scissors, chisels, axes, and other tools from any angle between 15° to 30°. Plus it comes with a motor powerful enough to handle all your sharpening tasks, whether they are griding, honing or any other. Other features include high-quality abrasive belts designed to deliver a strong, durable razor-sharp convex edge, multi-positioning sharpening module for a wide range of precision sharpening or grinding tasks and variable speed control for the optimal belt speed, depending on the task at hand.

    Final Verdict

    With this comprehensive list of some of the best scissor sharpening machines, out there, you do not need to look too hard for the right tool sharpening system. Simply pick one product on the list, depending on your budget and sharpening requirements.

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