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Top 10 Best Portable Clothes Storage Cubes of (2020) Review

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    Choosing appropriate clothes storage solutions is highly important. It helps you maintain optimal levels of self-organization and it also helps you keep track of your apparel as well. While owning the appropriate clothes storage solutions is highly important, not many people have sufficient insight into choosing the ideal ones for their needs. We have recommended some of the best portable clothes storage cubes, for you to consider. We chose these units based on factors such as durability, spaciousness, weight capacity, sturdiness among many others. The added benefit Is that these storage units are portable to make them the perfect addition for your needs.

    List of the Best Portable Clothes Storage Cubes of 2020:

    10. Tespo Portable Clothes Closet for Children and Kids

    Tespo Portable Clothes Closet Wardrobe for Children and Kids, Cute Cartoon, DIY Modular Storage...Check Price on

    Parenting is about making good decisions. Become a better parent by investing in the Tespo Portable Clothes Wardrobe. This unit is highly spacious with two hanging sections and as many as eight storage cubes. Besides that, it also has a sturdy design that can hold as much as 22lbs in each cube. It is also supported by selected ABS connectors and stainless frames for added functionality. The flexible DIY design makes it simple to assemble different shapes and be more organized.

    9. Portable Clothes Closet Wardrobe by Tespo

    Tespo Portable Closet Clothes Wardrobe Organizer Plastic Organizer DIY Cube Bedroom...Check Price on

    Take your storage capabilities to the next level with the Tespo Free Standing Storage organizer. It comes with a spacious design that comprises of one hanging and five storage cubes. Besides that, users will also appreciate the sturdy design that can accommodate as much as 22lbs in each cube and its also supported by special ABS connectors. The flexible DIY design makes it simple to organize different shapes and it’s suitable for almost any type of setting or apartment.

    8. HomCom Modular Portable Storage / Clothes Closet w/ 8 Enclosed Cubes

    HomCom Modular Portable Storage / Clothes Closet w/ 8 Enclosed CubesCheck Price on

    Clothes storage is important, and the Homcom Modular Portable Storage closet is the best solution for your needs. it comes with customizable shelving that allows for various storage possibilities. It can also be used in many ways including horizontally and vertically as well. Users will also appreciate the sleek design, which fits perfectly with almost any home decor. The space-saving design makes it simple to keeps items together in one place for optimal functionality.

    7. ROKOO Clothes Closet Wardrobe Portable DIY Modular Cube Shelving

    ROKOO Portable Clothes Closet Wardrobe Bedroom Armoire Storage Organizer DIY Modular Cube Shelving...Check Price on

    Change the way in which you achieve your unique clothes storage goals by using the ROKOO Clothes closet. It comes with a capacious multifunction design that provides ample room and space for any outfit. More so, the strong and sturdy design comprises of environmentally friendly resin and high-quality steel for added durability. The dustproof and waterproof design means that each cube comes with a door which can work to keeps items sealed from the effects of dirt and humidity.

    6. KOUSI Portable Clothes Closet Wardrobe Bedroom Armoire Storage Organizer

    KOUSI Portable Clothes Closet Clothing Storage Plastic Dresser Shelves Armoire Wardrobe Moving Boxes...Check Price on

    This Stury 8 cube has a spacious storage design which makes it perfect for storing your apparel. It is strong and with a sturdy material, construction to suit your needs. More so, it is also elegant and with a smart design to make it perfect for years of functionality. In fact, each cube can support as much as 22lbs and the wardrobes are made using high-quality resin. It has also been designed to provide tool free assembly benefits as well.

    5. SONGMICS Update Plastic Wardrobe DIY Portable Closet Organizer with Doors ULPC34H

    SONGMICS Cube Storage Organizer, 12-Cube Closet Storage Shelves, DIY Plastic Closet Cabinet, Modular...Check Price on

    SONGMICS have done it yet again with the unveiling of this portable storage cube. It is a DIY wardrobe and it can be assembled in different styles to suit your unique organizational needs. Besides that, it also has a multi-use cube organizer designer and with eco-friendly material to match. It has been made using special ABS connector and PP plastic for added durability. With the strong storage ability for 10lbs load bearing on each cube, this closet can hold clothes from spring to winter.

    4. LANGRIA 12-Cube DIY Muti-use Portable Drawer Closet Wardrobe

    LANGRIA DIY Modular Shelving Storage Organizing Closet with Translucent Doors and Cube Design for...Check Price on

    Store your clothes in style by using the LANGIRA 12 Cube DIY multi portable storage drawer and closet. It provides an excellent capacity and with modular shelving that provides an optimal capacity to store your items. This unit also has a unique storage system, whereby the cubes can be stored separately or combined for large storage benefits. You can create a special closet design and contemporary design, which is perfect for artistic decoration benefits.

    3. KOUSI Portable Clothes Closet Plastic Wardrobe Freestanding Storage Organizer

    LANGRIA DIY Modular Shelving Storage Organizing Closet with Translucent Doors and Cube Design for...Check Price on

    Let yourself experience the best of clothes storage by using the KOUSI portable clothes closet. It has a spacious design and two movable hanging rods. Besides that, the six storage cubes provide you with extra space for heavy outfits and the sturdy design makes it perfect for years of functionality. The KOUSI portable clothes storage cube is elegant and creative, with a sophisticated look and texture such that you can never experience a compromised clothes storage experience.

    2. LANGRIA Portable Clothes Closet Wardrobe Freestanding Storage Organizer

    LANGRIA Modular Closet Organizer Plastic Cabinet, 16 Cube Wardrobe Cubby Shelving Storage Cubes...Check Price on

    With the Langira Portable Clothes Wardrobe, you can be sure of a reliable clothes storage solution to suit your needs. It comes with a modern closet design, which comprises of translucent white doors and panels that match any room décor. This shelving unit is tailor-made to introduce a modern and sophisticated design that will match any style. More so, it also has long-lasting eco materials, frames and cube panels that are made of steel to enable the cubes to have an excellent weight capacity.

    1. MEGAFUTURE Portable Clothes Storage Cubes

    MEGAFUTURE JOISCOPE Portable Wardrobe for Hanging Clothes, Combination Armoire, Modular Cabinet for...Check Price on

    Equip yourself with the Megafuture Portable Clothes storage cubes. This unit has been made using highly eco-friendly material which has been selected using special raw materials to provide durability. The eco-friendly design that is used on the wardrobe is made using resin, which is entirely durable. The highly spacious design of the storage cube provides as much as 30 percent more space than the conventional portable storage cubes.


    In topping all things off, keeping your clothes organized is important. It sub-communicates value to your housemates, and it also helps you maintain the longevity of your apparel. This is why we recommend the best portable clothes storage cubes, which are portable and spacious solutions for your needs.

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