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Top 10 Best Musical Mats for Toddlers of (2024) Review

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    Children of all ages express themselves through music. Playing music for infants proves that, even at an early age, children sway, bounce, or move their hands in response to music they hear. Many preschoolers makeup songs and, with no self-consciousness, sing to themselves as they play. Children in elementary school learn to sing together as a group and possibly learn to play a musical instrument. Older children dance to the music of their favorite bands and use music to form friendships and share feelings. Try these activities and games with your children to experience the pleasure and learning that music brings.

    Toddlers love to dance and move to music. The key to toddler music is the repetition of songs, which encourages the use of words and memorization. Silly songs make them laugh. Try singing a familiar song and inserting a silly word in the place of the correct word, like “Mary had a little spider” instead of lamb. Let them reproduce rhythms by clapping or tapping objects. Music can make babies smarter. Singing songs are more exciting than flashcards and can help in teaching your toddlers many skills and facts. For example, ‘This Old Man’ makes your kid learn counting and the ABC song can make him learn the alphabets.

    Children really seem to like the idea of dancing while actually making the music, and one parent even reported that their young school age children actually ran to play with this mat the moment they got home from school. Parents seem to like the musical mat almost as much as their children do. They feel the mat is durable, has a good sound quality, and works on both hard floors and carpeting. Many parents also admit that they enjoy playing with the musical mat both with their toddler and without them.

    Musical mat is a great toy for children of all ages and even promotes family bonding since parents and grandparents also like playing on this fun and inexpensive toy piano. While this is definitely a toy you should purchase for a toddler, it will also be played with for years by school age children, and even parents themselves have fun making music with their feet!

    The musical mat for kids has several educational and physical benefits for your child. These benefits include helping develop gross motor skills as your child steps on, hops, and dances on this mat to make music while having fun and introducing your child to what different instruments sound like. Children quickly learn that stepping on the keys produces a pleasing musical note. The playback feature on this piano mat encourages your child to be creative in creating their own music.

    List of the Best Musical Mats for Toddlers of 2024:

    10. CP Toys Dancing Challenge Rhythm & Beat Playmat

    CP Toys Dancing Challenge Rhythm & Beat Playmat

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    It doesn’t have to be a party to have dancing. The Dancing Challenge Playmat is the perfect stage for showing everyone your moves. Swing to the rhythm while you hit the right numbers to give a performance worthy of the Rockettes! Whether it’s winter days or cloudy skies, sometimes it’s not too fun to be outside. With the CP Toys Dancing Challenge Playmat you no longer have to go outside to get up and active. You can use it with just a couple batteries and a clean floor, excellent for dancing any time and any place! Matching games are designed to strengthen and develop a child’s cognitive abilities. Combining matching games with physical activity aids in the structure of your child’s hand eye coordination and increase in reflex efficiency. Youngsters will probably be enthralled for hours as they observe the lighting fixtures and step to the beat of all kinds of tunes. Playtime is straightforward to set up and protected for hours of entertainment way to our kid-friendly design. The nine large numbered circles illuminate with vibrant illumination to instruct the corresponding steps that accompany each and every beat. Like any Constructive Playthings CP Toys merchandise, this game is incredibly protected and is made from one hundred% BPA-free plastic.

    9. B. Mat-A-Matics Musical Mat

    B. Mat-A-Matics Musical Mat

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    A large fold-out mat has 9 octagonal sections that each play a different note. Each section has a musical note symbol that lights up when played. Made out of plastic, the mat is easy to wipe clean. 3 AA batteries are included, though more will eventually need to be purchased. A switch in the back turns the mat from its Demo Mode into regular play. If only one note lights up during play, the toy is still in Demo Mode. The box includes the mat, batteries already installed, and an instruction card. This toy is suitable for both hard floors as well as carpet, though we did receive a few reports of the toy slipping slightly on freshly cleaned wood floors. Any issue with the toy sliding can be prevented with some kind of a rubber mat being laid between the floor and the toy. Shelf-liners for dish cupboards work quite well. The mat can be folded to make storing easier, though be careful not to put anything too heavy on the folded mat, as this can break the wires inside. Not surprisingly, the fart and burp sounds that occur during the Wacky Sounds mode are quite popular with children, though some adults may find them unsuitable.

    8. Giant Electronic Drum Kit Set Floor Play Mat

    Giant Electronic Drum Kit Set Floor Play Mat

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    These incredible electronic drum kit floor mats include the have-kick drum, snare, tom-toms, high-hat, and symbols. Includes drumsticks and headphone microphone so you can sing along. Requires four AA batteries. Each set in the colorful printed box. Great on their own, even better with the other floor mat instruments like the giant keyboard or drum set in our store! Each unit in the colorful printed box ready for gift giving. The piano mat made by Rhode Island Novelty contains 24 keys and is powered using four double A batteries. You can choose from 8 different settings that allow for cool and unique sounds as you play on this keyboard mat. Weighing around 5 pounds, this piano mat can easily be carried. It is also foldable, which allows for easy storage and portability. Complaints from this keyboard include not being in concert pitch (the middle C sounds like a B flat), and issues with sliding.

    7. WOLSEN Non-slip & Non-toxic Durable Play Mat

    WOLSEN Non-slip & Non-toxic Durable Play Mat

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    This product is made of non-toxic PVC materials. The bottom layer is made with high-elastic EVA foaming technics. And high-density sponge for the medium layer which will extend utmost using a lifetime of the product. It features in dual playing at the same time. Two players can compete for each other. Besides it supports different mode of playing like 4 arrows and 6 arrows, single playing, player 1 VS player 2 or player 1 VS machine. It also has a selection of a level of difficulty different player images and different player stage. This mat comes with 164*93 cm in size following 5 mm in thickness. The mat surface is 0.25mm frosted mat with 2 mm EVA plastic. To use the mat, unfold the dance mat on the flat floor and connect the affiliated AV cable to the AV input of the TV. Connect one side of the power adaptor to the dance mat and the other side to the electric power source. Then turn on the on/off switch and the first opening screen will appear on TV. When it comes to gaming, it’s all in the thumbs.

    6. Kidzlane Light Up Dance Mat

    Kidzlane Light Up Dance Mat

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    The Kidzlane Light Up Dance Mat will tear your kids away from their screens and offer a workout that’s a blast of fun! Three different arcade-style dance games will keep ’em on their toes following the beat. Dance along to built-in music tracks or connect your favorite tunes via AUX or Bluetooth. A well- padded dance surface & large light-up arrows make this the perfect activity from toddler to teen. Get your kids to work out in the most entertaining way! This light-up dance mat features 3 interactive games with 5 difficulty levels. Dance to the cues of the blinking arrows, test your brain to a “Simon Says” memory game, or make up your own rules in Free Dance Mode! You can turn the music down to a whisper, or up to a full blast thanks to an ADJUSTABLE VOLUME DIAL! Featuring a simple selection design and brightly colored buttons, it’s a breeze to control, even for young kids. Made with high-quality materials, this toy is designed to last through many exhilarating dance tournaments! It’s easy to store by folding between the arrow pads. Put a huge smile on their face when presenting the Light Up Dance Mat for the ultimate gift on any occasion.

    5. Kidzlane Piano Mat

    Kidzlane Piano Mat

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    This durable piano mat by Kidzlane is one of the most feature-rich mats out there. In fact, it comes with 4 whole modes – play mode, record mode, playback mode, and demo mode. I’ve found these different modes really get kids to enjoy using the mat more and for longer periods of time – while they might get bored fast just jumping up and down on a normal piano mat, it’s much cooler to be able to record yourself and play back the “song” you’ve just made! The mat also comes with 10 different sound options (guitar, piano, clarinet, trumpet, saxophone, violin, banjo, accordion, harp, and xylophone), as well as 17 keyboard keys to really round out the musical experience with some variety and the potential to do much more than just play chopsticks using a baby grand piano sound. This mat is perfect for any kid age 2+, and really aims to help stimulate a deep interest in learning how to play music on a “real” instrument when older.

    4. Playo Kids DJ Mixer Fun Play Mat

    Playo Kids DJ Mixer Fun Play Mat

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    Playo Kids DJ Mixer Fun Play Mat is one of the great joys of childhood. This Dj Style mat makes learning music fun and exciting. You’ll find that with this durable Dj Style mat for kids, young musicians can’t get enough as they experiment by stomping on loads of keys with realistic music and sounds! is an ideal fun time activity for the entire family! Features 8 Musical instruments, 4 drums sound and 3 Scratch Dj Sound Effects, the children can sing along with the music with the included microphone headset for a karaoke/MC function. A built-in amplifier for portable cd/mp3 plugin with the speakers that play music from a portable cd player or mp3 player. This musical fun device is a great gift for kids of any age from three and up, and it does make a fabulous gift for Christmas, holidays or birthday.

    3. PicassoTiles PTM200 Portable Large Piano Keyboard Educational Music Mat Playmat

    PicassoTiles PTM200 Portable Large Piano Keyboard Educational Music Mat Playmat

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    PTM200 makes learning music fun and exciting and an ideal fun time activity for the entire family. PTM200 has a high-quality speaker built-in. It allows two children to play at once and they can record a song and play along with their playback or one of the 7 built-in demo songs. PTM200 has 6 Musical Instruments with 17 keys buttons: Piano, Violin, Saxophone, Accordion, Trumpet, Harp, Xylophone or Guitar and 7 Built-in demo melodies, 4 modes to select. This mat comes with a size of 4 ft x 1.5 ft. The soft yet durable mat is a joy to play with, and will last! It’s easy to put away in storage as it folds up and does not take up much space. Piano play mat improves kid’s hand-feet coordination at early age. Children can enjoy playing piano with their hands and feet simultaneously to create fun and exciting music while dancing to the beat. Fun and entertaining, perfect educational present for school age children that will never go out of style.

    2. Click N’ Play Gigantic Keyboard Play Mat

    Click N' Play Gigantic Keyboard Play Mat

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    This Click n’ Play Gigantic Keyboard Play Mat makes learning music fun and exciting. You’ll find that with this durable piano mat for kids, burgeoning musicians can’t get enough as they experiment by stomping on loads of keys with realistic sounds! The piano mat for kids is a whopping of almost 6 feet across and doesn’t only feature piano, but lets you choose from 8 different built-in instruments, including guitar, saxophone, violin, and more! Its features allow kids to build-a-song, or just step to tap the keys and improvise music right on the spot. For those quieter home times, you can adjust the volume, and there’s no worry about power running down since the floor mat keyboard includes an automatic “power off” system. The heavy duty piano mat is an ideal fun time activity for the entire family. The size of this unique keyboard mat can handle a number of kids and adults, and its heavy-duty vinyl construction means it will endure a lot of use. Inspire and enrich your child’s life by giving them the Gigantic Piano Mat. This wild and fun device is a great gift for kids of any age from three and up.

    1. Best Choice Products 61-Key Beginners Electronic Keyboard Piano

    Best Choice Products 61-Key Electronic Keyboard Piano Portable Electric Keyboard Complete Beginner...Check Price on

    Best Choice Products is proud to present this brand new Super giant piano mat. This mat imitates a real piano by containing 26 different keys that extend a span of 100 inches long. With this much room, there will be plenty of room for more than one child to jump on the piano. This PU plastic piano mat comes equipped with the ability to interchange between 8 different instruments by pressing the “tone” button. Some of the instruments it changes to are: piano, vibraphone, Harp, trumpet, saxophone, accordion, violin, and a guitar. As an added bonus, you have the ability to record one’s musical composition. The mat comes with a playback option to record any masterpieces that children will create. Another great feature of this play mat is that it includes an MP3 cord to plug in your favorite tunes. The stylish toddler piano comes in bright color combinations and even has a working microphone for good measure.


    Understanding the relationship between music and children— the impact of music on toddler’s brain development is very important. The bottom line is that your goal should be cultivating a love for music in your child, not making him/her the next biggest music sensation. The listening experience has to be about having fun with your child and exposing him/her to new sounds and rhythms.

    We hope the variety of products listed here will provide you some ideas about choosing the musical mat for your beloved child. With an acceptable price, you can now order one or more of these products to your house. It’s definitely worth your spending as a long-term investment for your children. You can purchase it as a gift on any occasion to express your profound love for them.

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