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Top 10 Best Credit Card Processing Machines for Small Business of (2024) Review

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    We all want to have a successful business no matter what type of business it is that we are dealing with. In order to reach success, we need to consider all factors carefully and customer paying process is also very critical as well. As the majority of customers all around the world now carry at least one credit card with them, it should be noted that a credit card processing machine is an important asset for your business, especially the small ones. Although having this product provides convenience and ease for both customers and business owners, the only drawback of this is to find that one machine that will work well under all types of condition. But don’t worry this top 10 best credit card processing machines for small businesses will be there to help you make the decisions.

    List of the Best Credit Card Processing Machines for Small Business of 2024:

    10. Verifone Vx520 EMV CTLS 7″ Lockable Wall Mount Terminal Stand

    Verifone Vx520 EMV CTLS 7" Lockable Wall Mount Terminal Stand

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    If you have a small business and need a credit card processing machine, then this product by Tailwind will be your great assistant. Its unique latch and lock mechanism ensures that the card reader will be secured on a 7-inch pole mount. This credit card machine can also tilt up to 140 degree and swivel up to 330 degree. This product also comes with a lockable Latch to securely and invisibly holds the terminal in place. It is also made of a durable strong black composite plastic material to ensure durability. Last but not least, it works with all type of credit cards so that business owners do not need to worry about anything.

    9. 2xhome – POSMATE – USB Mini Credit Card 3 Track Hi Lo Co Magnetic Reader

    2xhome - POSMATE - USB Mini Credit Card 3 Track Hi Lo Co Magnetic Reader

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    Looking for a simple programmable credit card reader that can be connected to all versions of Macintosh and Windows? Then this product by 2xhome should be your first choice. Despite its small size, this credit card reader is compatible with credit cards, gift cards, driver licenses, and ATM cards. No need to waste time with installation as you can use it immediately after plugging in your computer or laptop. Moreover, its 150cm cable length enables the user to feel the comfort in using it. So stop hesitating and choose this to help you grow your business now.

    8. MagTek 21073062 Dynamag Magnesafe Triple Track Magnetic Stripe Swipe Reader

    MagTek 21073062 Dynamag Magnesafe Triple Track Magnetic Stripe Swipe Reader

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    In 8th place of this ranking list is a credit card reader by MagTek. It has a triple track magnetic stripe track configuration that is compatible with any computer or terminal that has a USB interface. Its bi-directional card reading allows users to read up to three tracks of data, no matter what direction you decide to swipe your credit card. This credit card reader also notifies users with card status in red/green/amber LED. It comes with a programmable keyboard table and non-volatile memory for supporting different languages and property storage, respectively. Magtek product possesses a unique, non-changeable serial number which allows business owners to track each reader. Best of all, it supports USB 2.0 interface and PS/2 keyboard wedge port.

    7. Stand for VX805/VX820 Credit Card Terminal

    Stand for VX805/VX820 Credit Card Terminal

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    Have a great credit card reader for your business with Stand for VX805/VX820 Credit Card Terminal. Equipped with a unique ‘latch and lock’ mechanism, this product holds the card reader in place on a 7-inch pole mount. The stand is capable of tilting 140 degrees and swiveling 330 degrees. It also includes a pole mount with an adhesive pack; the product is made of durable black composite plastic material. You can now maximize the lifetime of your credit card reader as it minimizes cable damage, false tampers, and criminal interferences. The best thing of all is that there is no interference for Wifi, contactless, Bluetooth and NFC that provides convenience for all users.

    6. Osayde OSAYDEPRO USB Silver Magnetic Credit Card Reader

    Osayde OSAYDEPRO USB Silver Magnetic Credit Card Reader

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    This product by Osayde is definitely the new generation of magnetic stripe card reader in which business owners should not miss. Once plugging it into the USB port, you can use it immediately without worrying about an external power adapter. Having all the functions that you want in one product as it can read, write, erase, copy and edit credit cards in just one go. For writing and copying a credit card, this product comes with a free software that works with all operating systems including Windows OS, Mac OS, and Linux with free 20 blank cards. You can also place your trust on ETEKJOY as it is a high-quality card device that works with all types of cards.

    5. YBG Imports USB Credit Card Reader Mini Magnetic Swiper

    YBG Imports USB Credit Card Reader Mini Magnetic Swiper

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    Being a fully programmable credit card reader, this product is just right for your business. This stationary credit card reader works effectively on Windows, Mac, and other USB capable systems. Its bi-directional card reading function, YGB Imports card reader can read up to 3 tracks of data when the card is swiped in either direction. The great thing about this card reader is that it is compatible with different types of card and various financial purposes. This credit card reader can also be attached to computer keyboards or any flat surface. Known for its easy usage, you can just plug it into the USB port and you can use it once the light is green. It cannot get any simpler and better than this.

    4. Square Contactless and Chip Reader

    Square Contactless and Chip Reader

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    This credit card reader is definitely one of the best products you can get for your small business. Just download Square Point of Sale app on your Android or iOS devices and you can take payment easily via Bluetooth LE. You can also attach the device to the Square stand in which you can set up and swipe the credit card with maximum convenience. Besides accepting all credit card, customers can only pay through this machine using chip card, Android Pay, Apple Pay and much more. For enhanced security, Square encrypts card information at the beginning of the sale and conducts live risk monitoring on every transaction. With this machine, your transaction process would be a piece of cake.

    3. PayPal Chip Card Reader (EMV)

    PayPal Chip Card Reader (EMV)

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    When it comes to credit card reader, just invest your expense on PayPal Chip Reader (EMV). Once you sign up your PayPal account, charge this device and connect the device to your smartphone or tablet, you can smoothly start your business journey with PayPal. It does not only accept credit cards, but also chip cards, NFC, and magnetic stripe cards. Never be anxious about undurable battery life as you can turn off the device or put in on sleep mode when you do not need to use this credit card reader. Plus, the battery can last up to 7 days or 100 transactions. Are you tempted to get one for your business now after reading this?

    2. Verifone Vx520 DC EMV Credit Card Terminal

    Verifone Vx520 DC EMV Credit Card Terminal

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    The 2nd place in this credit card reader ranking list belongs to Verifone model VX520. This product also business owners to generate new recurring revenues from value-added applications, thanks to an extraordinary increase in memory of 160 MB standard, increasing to over 500 MB. With its dual EMV (Europay, Mastercard, & Visa) condition, you can ensure that you can accept payments from all types of customers globally. By purchasing this credit card reader, you will receive a terminal, a power supply, and one roll of paper.

    1. Square Credit Card Reader for iPhone, iPad and Android

    Square Credit Card Reader for iPhone, iPad and Android

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    Being the latest model of the Square reader, this credit card reader truly deserves the number 1 spot in this article. Business owners immediately receive $10 once they activate Square account. The great thing about owning this credit card reader is that it accepts credit cards from a smartphone or tablet with Square Reader, which allows you to run your business anywhere it takes you. It should be noted that this product is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. Customers can now get their cards swiped securely as their card information is encrypted at the moment of swipe. The last thing to remember is that this credit card reader is easy to use for all types of business.

    Final Thoughts

    As you start our own business, you mostly want to purchase a credit card reader in order to make your business’s transaction process go smoothly. Having trouble choosing a good one? Stop worrying as this list has guided you through the Top 10 best credit card readers for small businesses in 2017. It should be noted that your chosen device is depended on whether you want to own a traditional card reader, the stationary one, or the mobile one. Nevertheless, all ten of them are known for its high-quality, effectiveness, and easiness for business owners. So purchase one now and see your business grows in the near future!

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