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Top 10 Best Mineral Oil Cutting Board of (2020) Review

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    Any home deserves a standard kitchen with clean, safe, and odorless kitchenware utensils. It is hard to maintain most kitchenware utensils and particularly wood or bamboo made ones. If you are facing problems with your kitchen wooden utensils you should consider having a mineral oil cutting board to help you achieve all of the above-stated conditions simultaneously and assure the durability of your wood utensils as well. On the other hand, when choosing a mineral oil cutting board you should consider its safety, effectiveness as well as non-toxicity. To help you come up with the best mineral oil cutting board, here is a list of the ten top-rated cutting board oil as rated by different buyers and users.

    List of the Best Mineral Oil Cutting Board of 2020:

    10. John Boos Mystery Butcher Block Oil

    John Boos MYSB Mystery Butcher Block Oil, 16 Ounce BottleCheck Price on

    It is a USA product, 16 ounces capacity mystery clock oil made to assure, maintain and preserve wood preparation surfaces including cutting boards, butcher blocks, countertops, and utensils. When regularly applied on 2 to 3 weeks basis it helps moisturize your bamboo/wood products to assure durability by keeping your wooden kitchenware from drying, splitting or cracking. It is simple to use as you only need to spread evenly over any desired surface, then wait five minutes, and eventually wipe off excess wax.

    9. Abundant Chef Cutting Board and Butcher Block Oil

    Abundant Chef Cutting Board and Butcher Block Oil, 12 oz.Check Price on

    It is Premium 12oz cutting board and butcher block oil for wood and bamboo protection. It features a non-toxic food-safe food grade mineral oil which is made and bottled in the U.S.A. It is linseed-free and made without any flammable liquids. Its colorlessness, tastelessness and odorless mixture assure to preserve the taste of your food. When regularly applied on 2 to 3 weeks basis it helps moisturize your bamboo/wood products to assure durability. It has a 70% viscosity.

    8. CLARK’S Cutting Board Oil

    Cutting Board Oil (12oz) by CLARK'S | Enriched with Lemon & Orange Oils | Food Grade Mineral Oil...Check Price on

    It is a 16oz capacity food grade butcher block mineral oil and conditioner that penetrates deeply into the grain of cutting boards, butcher blocks, bamboo cutting boards, salad utensils, wood utensils and countertops. It prevents drying, splitting and cracking when applied every 3-4 weeks. It also has food safe CLARK’S Oil that will never go rancid or harbor germs and it’s safest butcher oil since it exceeds USA FDA regulations on safety direct or indirect contact with food. Perfectly blended with organic natural orange and lemon oils that produce a fresh scent which will never overwhelm. It has no tree nut allergens that let you family food without any worries.

    7. CLARK’S Cutting Board Finish Wax

    Cutting Board Finish Wax (6oz) by CLARK'S | Enriched with Lemon & Orange Oils | Made with Natural...Check Price on

    It is a 10oz capacity cutting board finish wax made with natural beeswax and carnauba Wax and enriched with lemon and orange oils. After you have applied oil on your butcher blocks, cutting boards, bamboo cutting boards, salad bowls, wood utensils or wood countertops, it provides a protective barrier which can be well supplemented using CLARK’S Wax. It is made by combining natural ingredients like carnauba wax, beeswax, orange and lemon oils, therefore, keeping your family safe from harmful chemical intoxication. It has more carnauba wax that enables it to form a tougher protection layer. It restores the shine and luster of your kitchenware and revitalizes your wood protecting it from color loss and rancidness. It is easy to apply since it comes with a CLARK’S applicator and when applied it acts within 12 hours. It is FDA certified and has proofed to be the safest product for direct and indirect contact with food.

    6. John Boos Butcher Block Board Cream

    John Boos Block BWCB Butcher Block Board Cream, 5 OunceCheck Price on

    It is a 5oz capacity butcher block board cream designed to replenish any moisture lost over time and from repeated washings. It is ideal for wooden utensils, butcher blocks, countertops and wooden cutting boards. It is naturally made by combining unbleached beeswax and food-grade mineral oil therefore safe to use on food preparation surfaces. It is simple to use since it only involves even spread-out on the desired surface and letting it stay overnight and wiping off the excessive wax in the morning.

    5. CLARK’S Cutting Board Oil & Wax (2 Bottle Set)

    No products found.No products found.

    It is a perfect cutting board product that Includes CLARK’S 16oz cutting board oil and CLARK’S 10oz finish wax. It is produced in a perfect pair of CLARK’S oil and CLARK’S wax which seamlessly works together to give you the best results. Its oil penetrates wood deeply, therefore, protecting your Butcher Blocks, Cutting Boards, Bamboo Cutting Boards, Salad Bowls, Wood Utensils and Wood Countertops. The CLARK’s wax provides an additional protective layer from unwanted liquids seeping into your kitchenware. It saves money since it comes as a 2 in 1 package. It is FDA certified and has proofed to be the safest product for direct and indirect contact with food.

    4. Caron & Doucet – Cutting Board Oil & Butcher Block Oil

    Caron & Doucet - Cutting Board & Butcher Block Wood Oil - 100% Plant-Based & Vegan. Best for Wood...Check Price on

    It is a premium and 100% plant-based cutting board oil made from highly refined coconut oil and enhanced with food grade essential oils. Its natural oil guarantees a prolonged lifespan and high-level Protection for your butcher block, cutting board and any other bamboo/wood kitchenware. Its natural, plant-based oil is the best alternative to petroleum food grade mineral since it will never go rancid or get sticky and stinky with time. It also protects your kitchenware from warping, unwanted food odors, and keeps them clean and with a neutral smell and high durability.

    3. Butcher Block Oil Cutting Board Oil

    Butcher Block Oil, Cutting Board Oil, Conditioner, Better Than Pure Mineral Oil, Made for Wood and...Check Price on

    It is a high-quality conditioner butcher block and cutting board oil made for wood and bamboo kitchen utensils. It has proofed to be better than pure mineral oil since it is non-toxic and food safe natural chopping block oil with a lemon fresh aroma. It renews and protects any bamboo bowls, cutting boards, spoon among other wood/bamboo items, therefore, keeping them away from drying and cracking. It is made from organic and non-toxic extracts and has been approved a family safe oil by FDA. It is easy and quick to use in eliminating any stinks from your smell and replacing them with a lemon scent. It comes with amazing offers and discounts when purchasing it.

    2. John Taylor Butcher Block Conditioner Food Grade Mineral Oil

    John Taylor Butcher Block Conditioner Food Grade Mineral Oil and Natural WaxesCheck Price on

    It’s a butcher block conditioner food mineral oil with a 355ml capacity. It has specialized wood care for butcher blocks, salad bowls, cutting boards and wooden spoons. Its revitalizing blend prevents drying and cracking for hardwoods and bamboo. It gives your butcher block and cutting board a brand-new quality finish that is equal to that in new ones. It is made with high quality pure natural bees’ wax and food grade mineral oil. It guarantees food safety for any food preparation surface.

    1. Proteak Butcher Block/Cutting Board Oil, 12-Ounce

    Cutting Board Oil - Food Grade Cleaning Oil For Wood Butcher Blocks - 12 Ounces by Teakhaus - Guard...Check Price on

    It was the best-rated mineral oil cutting board having gathered a consistent 5-star rating after 25 consecutive customer reviews. Its great popularity was built on its high quality and its cheap and affordable price of $ 12.99. It features a clear, odorless and tasteless and does not change your food’s flavor. Its colorlessness keeps your board brand new and conditioned. It enhances the wood condition that leaves your foods aroma un-affected.


    A premium mineral oil cutting board should be able to cater for your kitchenware, enhance durability, and have natural and non-toxic components so as to assure your family’s health and wellbeing. It should also keep any unpleasant odor from your kitchenware. The above list contains the mineral oil cutting board products that help you achieve just that. If you are planning to buy soon go for any brand listed above and you will never regret.

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