Top 10 Best Eye Concealer & Base Makeup of 2018 Review

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The primary purpose of eye concealer and base make up is to offset the natural shadows under the eye. In performing your eye concealer and base makeup, the eye under area needs concealer the most. The skin around the eye also tends to be thinner than the rest of the face-this make pigment discolorations and surface veins to show through easily.

The following is a list of the best concealers and base makeup that will help you in making a quick selection on the one that fits you. They are the amazing ones in the market since they are affordable at a low budget. They make magic in balancing the redness of your skin tone while minimizing the circles and are easy to use. They can last for a whole day when they have been applied. They are great products which are a weapon to aging effects of the dark circles.

List of the Best Eye Concealer & Base Makeup:

10. BareMinerals Stroke of Light Eye Brightener; Luminous 2

bareMinerals Stroke of Light Eye Brightener, Luminous 2, 0.18 Ounce
  • Packaging may vary
  • Bare Minerals Cosmetics
  • This item is not a tester

This is an eye concealer and base makeup that brightens and instantly illuminates the area under the eye. It is an amazing one with synthetic fragrances and oils. It is the best eye concealer on the market and it is a weapon against the aging effect of the dark circles. Moreover, it is affordable even to low budgets people. It is magical in balancing the redness of the skin while minimizing the circles.

9. BreMineral Stroke of Light Eye Brightener; Luminous 1

bareMinerals Stroke of Light Eye Brightener, Luminous 1, 0.18 Ounce
  • Packaging may vary
  • Bare Minerals Cosmetics
  • This item is not a tester

This product is designed for lighter complexions. It is great in reducing fine lines and the dark circles. It is just part of the charm to many people who use. Its use starts by putting a little around the inner corner of each eye. It is a product that works well than a cosmetic in achieving the glamorous effect. People who have small and deepest eyes use it to make their eyes a bit large.

8. SHANY Eye and Lip Primer

SHANY Eye and Lip Primer/Base, Paraben/Talc Free, Waterproof
  • Paraben free, talc free, hypoallergenic infused with vitamins and essential ingredients
  • Prevent your makeup from smudging and fading by using this eye shadow base primer
  • It works great on lips by keeping them smooth and showing off true color of lipstick

This is a product which has infused vitamins and many essential ingredients. It helps in preventing smudging of the makeup and is great on the lips. It is applied in the eyelids or lips before the makeup is applied. This ensures lasting of the makeup for the whole day to prevent drying to the eyelids and the skin. Moreover, it is fantastic with a perfect neutral color for a pale skin.

7. Bare Minerals Well rested CC Eye Primer with 0.05 oz

bareMinerals Well Rested CC Eye Primer, 0.05 Ounce
  • dermatologist tested
  • 100 percent authentic
  • It recommended for casual use

This is an eye concealer and base make up that has a color correcting primer that recharges the skin to attain a cooling effect. It can be worn alone or under a makeup. It is a nice product that never dries nor gets caked. Moreover; it covers sun damaged skin and does not settle on the wrinkles. Even when it is used with the girl concealer, the mineral veil still looks flawless.

6. It Cosmetics Bye Bye under Eye Full Coverage Concealer, medium

It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Full Coverage Concealer, Medium, 0.28 fl oz.
  • FULL SIZE: .28 OZ SEALED TUBE. IT'S YOUR 8 HOURS OF SLEEP IN A TUBE! Full Coverage Anti-Aging Waterproof Concealer. Packaging May Vary.
  • Key Benefits: #1 best-selling, award-winning concealer!
  • Full-coverage, anti-aging, never creases. Highly pigmented, covers everything.

The concealer is applied to bare skin, underneath the foundation. It is set with powder and it can be removed by the use of a facial cleanser of a makeup remover. It is an eye concealer which is great for the money and it can be used for a duration of one year. It is blended well to fit many skin tones and it noticeably brightens the under eye area.

5. L.A Girl pro Coneal HD High Definition Concealer

L.A. Girl Pro Coneal Hd. High Definiton Concealer 0.25 Oz #990 Orange , 3pcs
  • 3 pcs concealer
  • Camouflages the appearance of skin imperfections
  • includes a soft brush-tip for easy application

This is the eye concealer that can give you an even tone skin. The steps of applying starts by preparing your face by cleansing it. Once your skin is dry, apply a moisturizer primer and then a concealer. It is buffed on the skin and the foundation is put. It is an amazing one in concealing the dark areas of the eye as well as acne.

4. E.I.F. Glitter Primer

e.l.f. Glitter Primer for use as a Foundation for Your Eye Makeup, Increases Glitter Longevity, .3...
  • LONG LASTING GLITTER AND EYE COLOR The lightweight liquid Glitter Primer sets onto the eyelids for comfortable long-wear, and creates a lasting bond for budge-proof glitter.
  • THE PERFECT BASE FOR YOUR EYE MAKEUP Infused with Shea Butter and Jojoba to nourish the delicate eye area, our glitter primer preps your eyelid for smoother, longer-lasting, and crease-proof glitter...
  • HOW TO USE Apply a thin coat of the Glitter Primer to the eyelid and blend in with your finger or an eye shadow brush. Gently press on glitter eyeshadow with a finger or a brush while the primer is...

This is an eye concealer that makes the eyelids smoother to create a crease-proof smoother eyeshadow. It creates a lasting bond since it holds a stay-up glitter. It is used by priming all over with an actual eyeshadow first. Applying a thin dab of glitter glue is the next step. It is super affordable and they are of a high quality. Its results are great.

3. Salmon, dark circle concealer cream

L.A. Girl Pro Coneal Hd. High Definiton Concealer 0.25 Ounce 990 Orange
  • 1 pcs concealer
  • Camouflages the appearance of skin imperfections
  • includes a soft brush-tip for easy application

This is a concealer that improves the skin’s immunity and it also fights aging. It reduces the appearance of the dark circles and it blends easily because it is smooth. This product covers better than any in the market. Also, it lasts long without caking. Moreover, it works well with the chronic purpley, dark circles under the eyes to make them beautiful.

2. I.e.f Shadow lock eyelid primer Shear, 0.11 Fluid Ounce

e.l.f. Shadow Lock Eyelid Primer, Sheer, 0.11 Fluid Ounce
  • Preps your eyelid for smoother, longer-lasting and crease-proof eyeshadow
  • The lightweight liquid formula quickly absorbs into the skin for comfortable wear
  • and increases eye color longevity

This is a light weighted formula that is quickly absorbed into the skin for a comfortable wear. Its application starts with a thin coat to the eyelid and blends in. Allowing the formula to dry before applying the eyeshadow is important. It is easy to apply and it is affordable. Not only helping in keeping the eyeshadow flacking, it also makes the colors POP.

1. LA Girl Pro High Definition Concealer

LA Girl Pro High Definition Concealer (1, GC 990 Orange Corrector)
  • Crease-resistant, opaque coverage in a creamy yet lightweight texture
  • The long wearing formula
  • Provides complete, natural-looking coverage, evens skin tone, covers dark circles and minimizes fine lines around the eyes

This is a set of 3 concealers in one. It is crease resistant and their outcome is impressive. The orange is an absolute necessity and its texture is thick to make it lasting. In terms of the under the eye, you start with an eye cream to reduce the creasing. The primer is then applied and then the orange correction. After it dries, the application of the light coat foundation is done.

In conclusion, all the 10 eye concealers and base makeup are the best in the market. They are affordable and they do not irritate the eyes. They are amazing with a natural looking cover. Also, it dries quickly and they are simple to apply. They are great products and you need to try now to experience the results.

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