Top 10 Best Bathroom Countertop Vanity Mirrors of 2018 Reviews

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Every bathroom requires a mirror as individuals prepare to walk out of their homes looking great. The face places a focus on your overall appearance. Even with delivering on functionality, it is important that you work with a mirror that complements your bathroom. The market offers several bathroom countertop vanity mirrors with different brands and models.

They vary in the materials used and in their features. In this, it can be time consuming when going through all the available mirrors. However, it is important that even when working on a budget that you do not compromise on quality. In an effort to narrow down your search, the following are the best bathroom countertop vanity mirrors for you to consider in the market.

List of the Best Bathroom Countertop Vanity Mirrors of 2018:

10. Simplehuman 6.5 inch Sensor Mirror – Sensor-Activated Lighted Vanity Mirror

simplehuman 6.5 inch Sensor Mirror - Sensor-Activated Lighted Vanity Mirror, 7x Magnification
  • Tru-lux light system closely simulates natural sunlight
  • Cordless and clutter free: No messy cords to take up space
  • Sensor on/off: Automatically lights up as your face approaches the mirror - no need to touch any buttons

This countertop vanity mirror is easy to use, convenient, and efficient. To help deliver on functionality, it automatically lights up as you approach it so you do not have to touch it leaving any smudges. While it lights up automatically, it does not feature a cord that can create a mess on your countertop. In addition, no cord leaves more space on your counter to place your items. The bulb will serve you in the long-term that you will not need to change the bulb ever. The design is simple yet classy to complement your countertop.

9. ANART® LED Lighted Vanity Mirror

ANART LED Lighted Vanity Mirror, 7-inch Double-Sided Magnifying (1X-10X) 360 Degree Swivel Makeup...
  • ANART excellent mirror, quality details all around and exudes simplistic elegance. Strong and is just right size(The overall size of the mirror is approximately 7" wide. Just the mirror itself is...
  • Best value lighted vanity mirror available: with a warm LED light strip to give you the accurate natural light you need to look your best. This mirror has a On/Off switch so that there are no cords to...
  • Double-sided(1x/10x): with 10x magnification, you will see everything on you face that you don't want to(haha)! But the powerful enough magnification to be used for eyeliner, mascara, eyebrows, and...

This LED lighted vanity mirror aims at providing you with light similar to the natural lighting making it mild to your eyesight yet adequate for best results. It is battery powered and you will need an on/off button to light it up. A key advantage is that it has no cord thus leaving your workstation neat with no clutter. It is two sided so you can turn it however. In addition to a 10x magnification, makeup that needs detail such as mascara and eyeliner are easier to apply. Lift it with one hand when needed but once you place it on the counter, it will not easily shift positions.

8. LED Lighted Makeup Mirror

MQB LED Lighted Makeup Cosmetic Mirror 6 Inch 360 Degree Swivel Round Double-Sided 3X and 1X...
  • Making exquisite, high-grade, solid
  • LED lights are soft and not dazzling
  • Double-sided design, 1X overall appearance, 3X zoom details

This provides a two-sided mirror with two different magnification capabilities. In this, it allows you to apply makeup with precision to detail. It features LED lighting so you can also use it in dim lighting effectively. It runs on batteries therefore, eliminating the inclusion of a cord that can leave your countertop messy and increase the risk of damaging items from falls. With a simple on/off switch, lighting it is fast and easy.

7. Madison Mirror in Light Espresso Finish

Avanity Madison 24 in. Mirror in Light Espresso finish
  • 24W x 32H inches, Poplar solid wood in Light Espresso finish
  • Beveled mirror, Hangs horizontally and vertically
  • Wood cleat for easy hanging and leveling

This mirror is not complicated in any way and its simplicity makes it the ideal mirror for your bathroom as it has very little maintenance. The espresso finish complements your bathroom thanks to its neutrality and great color reflection. It features a solid birch wood frame and a wood cleat at its back to help provide the necessary support with easy support when hanging.

6. Moen YB0892BN Arris Mirror, Brushed Nickel

Moen YB0892BN Arris Mirror, Brushed Nickel
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Arris mirror
  • Brushed Nickel Finish

This mirror is easy to use with the ability to tilt it for a better view depending on who is using it. Its brushed nickel finish will complement any color scheme in your bathroom. Fit it to the wall and no matter which angle you choose to sit from, you have a clear view. Installation is easy and fast.

5. Brey-Krause Commercial Restroom Mirror

Brey-Krause Commercial Restroom Mirror - 18 inches Wide by 30 inches Tall
  • Fabricated from high quality 18 gauge brushed finish stainless steel - Type 304 will not rust
  • Made in the USA using USA-sourced raw materials and labor
  • Engineered to install in half the time of competitor mirrors

In an effort to boost durability and functionality, this mirror has a brushed finish stainless steel. This ensures it does not rush while at the same time complementing the rest of the room. Once purchased, the installation process is easy and fast. It features mirror edges that are protected by cushioned adhesive strips that come in handy in preventing damages. The dimensions ensure you have adequate view.

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4. Mirrorvana Vanity 8-Inch Double-Sided Magnifying Makeup Mirror

MIRRORVANA Large 8-Inch Vanity Makeup Mirror ~ Double-Sided 1X and 10X Magnifying Mirrors ~ Perfect...
  • TRUE 10X MAGNIFICATION - Other "10X" mirrors are often cheaper imitation mirrors that are often weaker and not truly 10X. Expect to be amazed and horrified at the same time by just how clearly you...
  • MAKEUP, LASHES, EYEBROWS, PLUCKING, TWEEZING...OH MY! - "Mirror mirror on the wall, who does the prettiest make-up of them all?" Why, it'll be you of course with the help of your new Mirrorvana...
  • THE MIRROR YOUR VANITY NEEDS - (Your vanity table that is.) There's a lot of mirrors on the market and then there is Mirrorvana. Sturdy frame, padded base, polished chrome, elegant's a...

If you are looking for a makeup mirror that you can use despite the difference in your sitting position as well as eases application of makeup by providing a clear view, this is a mirror to consider. It is double sided with magnification to help meet this objective. Its height is admirable making it easy to use. Its complementary design makes it diverse allowing you to use it even on your bedside.

3. Madison Mirror in Tobacco Finish

Avanity Madison 36 in. Mirror in Tobacco finish
  • 36W x 32H inches, Poplar solid wood in Tobacco finish
  • Beveled mirror, Hangs horizontally and vertically
  • Wood cleat for easy hanging and leveling

This easy to hang mirror will complement your wall hangings as well as your room. It is simple yet classy. This is thanks to the clear mirror and tobacco finish that complement each other. The dimensions are ideal so you can view your overall appearance when using it. It features a wood cleat making it easy to hang.

2. Impressions Vanity KW-GLAM Hollywood Glam Vanity Mirror

Impressions Vanity KW-GLAM Hollywood Glam Vanity Mirror with LED Bulbs, White
  • 10 decorative LED globe style bulbs included free
  • Front facing power plug outlet for your styling accessories
  • Detachable base stand with option to hang

With this mirror, lighting is not a problem even in a dim environment thanks to its 10 LED globe bulbs all-round the frame of the mirror other than at the base. The frame is built to serve in the long-term. The plug is front facing making it easy to access. It has a detachable base so that in the event you do not want it on a work surface you can hang it up.

1. Simplehuman Wide View Sensor Mirror

simplehuman Sensor Mirror Pro Wide View, Lighted Vanity Mirror, 1x Magnification, Adjustable Color...
  • Tru-lux light system closely simulates natural sunlight - twice as bright and more color-correct than the next best
  • Use the app to capture light settings from the world around you and accurately recreate them in the mirror
  • Sensor on/off - automatically lights up as your face approaches

This mirror comes with a provision to allow lighting that is similar to natural sunlight that ensures you can view everything you need including applying makeup that requires detail. In an effort to save on power, it will automatically light up as your face approaches it. It is cordless leaving your countertop clean and in order. It is rechargeable so you can use it in the long-term. It features folding side panels providing you with a clear view from right about any angle.


The above are the best bathroom countertop vanity mirror reviews to guide you through making the right selection. They come with different features so that they suit the different needs of different individuals. In this, you have no reason not to own one. They serve both functional as well as decorative purposes.

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