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I always remember the old days on how we were taking showers. We were supposed to stand in the bathroom and even use a basin to take up water. But it was a hard task because for those that were afraid of cold water, found it a hard task to take a shower. But with a spray shower head around you, you will take a bath in the most comfortable way. Try our products below and find out their importance.

Table Summary of the Best Body Spray Shower Head:

10. KOHLER 54-Nozzle Body Spray

KOHLER K-8014-CP WaterTile Round 54-Nozzle Body Spray, Polished Chrome
  • Single-function 54-nozzle bodyspray delivers a soothing spray
  • Fully adjustable sprayface pivots for targeted hydro massage
  • Low-profile design complements any decor

This is a spray that has been designed with 54-nozzle body spray that will ensure that you get a soothing shower all the time. It has a fully adjustable spray face that has been fitted with pivots that target the hydro massage. The 54-noozzle will target your body but the result that will be inflicted on you is just a soothing experience that you will not get anywhere.

9. HotelSpa Emerald High-Fashion Shower-Head

HotelSpa Emerald High-Fashion 8 Inch Rainfall Shower-Head with 120 Jets and 12 Inch Height/Angle...
  • HotelSpa Emerald High-Fashion 8 Inch Rainfall Shower-Head with 120 Jets and 12 Inch Height/Angle Adjustable Extension Arm (Premium Chrome) - Rainfall Luxury with Height/Angle Adjustability!
  • Extra-Large 8 Inch Chrome Face Rain Showerhead with Rub-clean Jets • 120 Rub-clean Jets • Height & Angle Adjustable Arm
  • 2-foot Vertical Movement Range • Reliable Joints with Brass Inserts • Easy to Tighten Joint Nuts

It is a product that has 120 jets that will ensure that they give you the best rainfall luxury like no other out there. It has reliable joints that will ensure that the item is fitted in the right position and any adjustability that you need to be done on the item can be done on it smoothly and efficiently. You also don’t need any tools while you are installing it.

8. KOHLER K-8002-BN WaterTile

KOHLER K-8002-BN WaterTile 54-Nozzle Bodyspray, Vibrant Brushed Nickel
  • 54 MasterClean¿ spray nozzles provide a soothing water experience
  • Low profile design complements any décor
  • 1/2-inch NPT connections

Other having the 54- nozzles that will ensure that you have a soothing water experience, it has been given a design that compliments any other décor that you will put it in. the face is also fully adjustable in the sense that it will allow you to have a variety of different installations. It is also one of the easiest to install when you have bought it and will not need an expert to do it.

7. VDOMUS handheld Shower Head

VDOMUS Handheld Shower Head Modern Round Bar Hand shower with Flexible Stainless Steel Tube,Standard...
  • High quality metal for longer use. Well made, chrome plated, feels good in the hand
  • Chrome Handheld Massage Showerhead. Handheld straight round stick design
  • This light weighted shower head can be used for pets or kids also

It has a metal construction that will ensure that you use it for a longer time than the others. It is also eco-friendly as it turns out to be a water saver instead of the others that misuse a lot of water. It can also be used to wash dogs and other pets too. It comes with a mount holder and stainless steel horses that are up to 60-inches in length.

6. FlowTec Hand Held Filter Shower Head

Hand Held Filtered Shower Head (Clear) - 4 Filter Spray Settings for a Full Spa Experience
  • PROTECTS AND SOFTENS YOUR SKIN AND HAIR - The double filter system, including Red Germanium Stones, protects you from chemicals, reducing chlorine and absorbing harmful substances in the air, giving...
  • ENJOY SPA LUXURY AT HOME - Can you imagine how pampered and invigorated you'll feel under our large FlowTec shower head with its detachable sprayer and seven settings, including four body spray...
  • ECONOMICAL AND ECOLOGICAL - The unique laser-cut cone-shaped holes help you save on your water bill, but it won't feel like you're using an eco-shower head at all. In fact, this shower head is great...

It has been fitted with a handle that will fit in any standard shower hose in just seconds. The sprayer is also detachable. It uses the latest modern technology that will ensure that there is a creation of negative ion process. This is advantageous because your skin will absorb all the ingredients needed so that you get a softer skin.

5. Showerhead Aidodo 6 Inch

Aoleca fixed showerhead 6inches Rainfall Shower head Adjustable High Pressure sunflower shower heads...
  • Shower head 6 inches wide face has over 100 jets to help cover the user in a broad, metal swivel ball allows you to adjust the angle of the showerhead
  • Metal shower head meets EPA Water Sense certification standard of maximum 2.5 gallons per minute or less
  • Shower head and filter are easy-to-install, no tools required,quickly connects to any standard shower arm

It has been designed with a connection that connects into all standard plumbing connections that are found in the U.S. The shower head is super strong and it will allow you to have an optimal pressure build-up so that you have a balanced item to give you a strong and superior rinsing and cleaning power. It is able to resist all the corrosion that might be brought by water so that you get clean water all the time.

4. Aidodo 3 Settings Showerhead

Shower Head Aoleca 3 Settings Handheld Showerhead Hybrid Efficient Combination Multi-Function...
  • Durable ABS Hand Shower head with 3 Luxurious Spray Settings ---- Made using DURABLE material, chrome coating for a beautiful GLOSSY surface.
  • ANGLE ADJUSTABLE SHOWER MOUNT - Securely holds the handheld shower head and lets you quickly adjust the angle of the water flow. You'll enjoy the convenience of a fixed shower with the versatility of...
  • 76 inch STAINLESS STEEL HOSE makes it easy to rinse yourself, your dog or to clean your shower ---- Brings the ultimate flexibility and freedom to your shower and gives you complete control of the...

It has been designed with three luxurious spray settings that have been made with durable materials. It is a product that will let you enjoy a balanced use that you will love. It has a shower joint that will securely allow you to adjust the angle of the water flow so that you have the best convenience as you take your shower. What we need for you to do is to make an order for it.

3. Hand Held Shower Head Filtration

Filtered Hand Held Shower Head Filtration System Help Reduces hair loss. Rainfall Spa Water Saving,...
  • FILTER YOUR TAP WATER NOW, with Bath & Relax Filtered Shower head with Bioactive Mineral Stone Help Purifies Water and other impurities. Improved cleansing effect and hair loss prevention -...
  • Inline 3 Filter : Removes Over 98% of chlorine For SOFTER, SMOOTHER, CLEANER Skin, and Hair. With the purifying effect of the Bioactive stones our shower heads will help you restore balance.
  • NOTE : Please Turn On the Water Half Way if You Have High Water Pressure. NEWEST 2016 DESIGN. 3 SHOWER MODES : Rainfall, Massage, and Jetting & 3 Layers of Filters in the Shower Head to Get a Spa...

This is an item that is able to purify your water as you take a shower so that you get a clean shower. It will ensure that your skin is rejuvenated. The negative ion formation process will bar your skin from drying up and cause an imbalance in your oil glands. If you place whereby you use chlorine water, you need not worry anymore because it will change it into tap water which is clean.

2. ZenFresh Filtration Shower Head

Detachable High Pressure Handheld Shower Head - With Water Saving Ionic Filtration Showerhead for...
  • Filtered body spray - purifies water and rejuvenates your skin in your bathtub
  • Water saving without sacrificing water pressure thanks to laser perforated technology
  • Zenfresh low flow handheld shower head offers luxurious spa experience without the price tag

This is a filtered body spray that will purify and give you water that will rejuvenate your skin right from your bathtub. It also works ahead to save your water and does not use any water pressure. Those that are not up to speed with this product is that it uses laser perforated technology to run this type of controls. Buy and use it today and you will get a smoother skin and also reduce the secretion of oil.

1. 16-Inch Rainfall Shower Head

16"Rainfall Shower Head,YAWALL Ultra-thin Stainless Steel & High Polish Chrome,Luxury Durable Rain...
  • Easy installation;YAWALL Showerhead fits standard U.S. plumbing connections.
  • 2.5 gpm flow control;Offer consistent powerful spray performance.
  • High Quality: Made of stainless steel; Elegent design easily blends with the decor of your bathroo

It is good to test a different kind of product that you have not come across. What we have for you here is one that has been designed with enough coverage that will have enough room to soak your entire body. It also cleans up easily because if you want to do the cleaning, you only need to squeeze the rubber nipples so that you are able any line of sediment.


Taking a shower has never been easier. Sometimes it becomes a hard task but with the shower heads innovation, it is now the time that you take your shower with the maximum comfort that you desire. They have been priced well for anyone that wants to get a chance of using the showers. I tell you, those that will visit your bathroom will never want to get out of there.

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