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Having a perfect glowing body is what everyone wants. Having a fragrant and attractive skin is what everyone need? But is it possible to have the two? And what are things that we need to do to have those? Easy yet important, we need to take care of our body. Use soap or water soap to get rid of your dirt and blossom your skin. While using soap or water soap, we also need to use a bath sponge as it is not effective to only use our hand to wash our skin. However, finding a bath sponge to use can be really challenging as it everyone sponge looks almost exactly the same. Don’t worry, you have come to the right place. We will introduce you to the top ten best of the best bath sponge.

10. Goworth Large Bath Shower Sponge

Goworth Large Bath Shower Sponge Pouf Loofahs 4 Packs 60g Each Eco-friendly Exfoliating Mesh Brush...
  • Amazon Lowest Price Guaranteed.Same Quality Why Pay More?Exfoliating with a loofah is easy; it takes just a few minutes in the shower and can help make your skin smooth and silky soft.Scrub your body...
  • Eco-friendly materials create Lathers and enjoy your shower time.Our imported premium loofah material not only presented in beautiful color as well as designed but also create great lather to clean...
  • Extra large size with long handle.The size of our loofahs are perfectly designed which is approx 5.2 inches in width and 60 grams.This environmental and ergonomic design enable you to hold well and...

The 60 grams Goworth shower sponge has the material made from high quality greenery product that is not harmful to the environment. The splendid and resourceful design allows you to create bountiful of soft lather. Enjoy your bath time in the myth of smooth bubbles. On top of that, the sponge is even more fantastic with its germ-free feature certified by dermatologist. With the size of 5.2 inches in width, you can hold and use it comfortably. It is also easy to hang it. Where can you find such product, order one of Goworth sponge to beautify your skin even more?

9. Loofah Bath and Shower Sponge

Loofah Bath and Shower Sponge Pouf,Mesh Brush Ball Exfoliating Body Scrubber Ball Pack of...
  • Premium Sponge:Luxury black bath and shower sponge mesh puff with gentle body exfoliating and scrubbing power remove dead skin cells,Colorful for each family members.
  • Condition& Material:100% Brand new and moderate price with good quality.It is made from Recycled and Eco-Friendly Materials,Superior size and Quality bath form mounds of suds with soap or shower...
  • Daily application:Soft texture,touching smooth skin with a thick bubble,make your shower gels and soaps last longer,and keep skin healthier with daily sudsing and gentle exfoliating using a classic...

If you are after the fashionable and perfectly functional sponge then Loofah would be the best option for you. Design in dual color, the sponge adds up another decoration to your bathroom. Work greatly for your skin as it definitely will pull off all the dead skin. Its ability to create lather and its smooth and soft feature contribute to the superb quality. Its no-harmful to the environment features make the sponge ideal for nature lovers. Four gorgeous colors opt for you to choose from.

8. Easymoo Bath Loofahs Sponge Shower Pouf Body

Bath Loofahs Sponge Shower Pouf Body Scrubber Ball Mesh Pouf Bath Sponge 3 Pack
  • 'environmental friendly' is a feature that should not be overlooked whatsoever. Besides the avirulent insipidity PE material, nothing else synthetic on the loofah. The durable and simultaneously...
  • Dermatologist Recommended:Our designed to create a rich lather from a small amount of any body soap or shower gel Extra large collection of mesh loofas for longer lasting lather. And you can...
  • The bamboo charcoal can effectively remove dirt and wash away excess oil. Please Use together with shower gel to maintain balance and stimulate cellular vitality.They luxuriously exfoliate, detoxify...

Meet with another well-designed shower sponge from Easymoo. The black look of the sponge creates the embellishment to the bathroom. Having the 12 inches long hanging, you can just hang it in the bathroom. Made from bamboo, the sponge has the endurable and greenery composition as its features. Recommended by the skin care doctor, the 4.7 inches width sponge is famous for its extraction of the dead skin and smoothen up the skin. Want to say no to dirt, germ, dead skin and excess oil, use Easymoo sponge shower.

7. Loofah Bath Sponge Swirl Set

Loofah Bath Sponge Swirl Set XL 75g by Shower Bouquet: Extra Large Mesh Pouf (4 Pack Color Swirls)...
  • XL POUFS by SHOWER BOUQUET! - Extra large collection of mesh loofas for longer lasting lather
  • 75 GRAM DENSITY! - Extra dense exfoliation for smoother skin with long ribbon handle to hang dry
  • BIG, FULL, RICH! - Superior size & quality bath puffs form mounds of suds with soap or shower gel

For the people who like light sky blue color, Loofah Bath Sponge Swirl will be the most suitable alternative for them. With the extremely large size, Loofah sponge creates plentiful of condensed bubbles and those bubbles won’t just pop; it will be last there for a long time. With the bubbles, the sponge can does it work perfectly. Removing dead skin and making your skin glitter is its function. Come in a set of 4 sponges. Order one time and get four sponges, where can you find it besides Loofah?

6. Loofah Bath Sponge set of 6 colors

À La Paix Loofah Bath Sponge Body Scrubber Pouf-Loofa Luffa Loufa Shower Puff-Lufa Sponge Scrunchie...
  • SILKY SMOOTH SKIN: Our Cotton Candy Collection is a great Loofah set for exfoliating; Soft to the touch, but rough enough to give you smooth, silky skin after every shower and bath
  • REALLY LATHERS: The fluffy quality material created in our lufa sponge is not only beautiful, but holds up well and creates great lather while bathing
  • LARGE SIZE & LONG HANDLE: Our Medium-Large poufs are 50 grams, appx 4 inches around w/long handle to assist in drip drying fast, essential for bacteria-free sponges; no wet, moldy ribbons here that...

The 4 inches Loofah sponges has its great ability to create a lot of long lasting tiny bubbles. It comes in a set of 6 colorful sponges. You can feel the gentle touch upon your skin when using the sponge. Do not have to worry have to lose your non-dead skin as the sponge is made from high quality material. Well-known for its softness, yet perfect capability in removing dead skin and oil. Never heard of a shower sponge that grants people with warranty, well, Loofah would like to introduce you to it. 30 days assurance will be issued to everyone who buys the product.

5. Loofah Bath Sponge Set of 3 different colors

À La Paix Loofah Bath Sponge Body Scrubber Pouf -Loofa Luffa Loufa Shower Puff-Lufa Sponge...
  • SILKY SMOOTH SKIN: Our Tropical Collection is a great Loofah set for exfoliating; Soft to the touch, but rough enough to give you smooth, silky skin after every shower and bath
  • REALLY LATHERS: The fluffy quality material created in our lufa sponge is not only beautiful, but holds up well and creates great lather while bathing
  • LARGE SIZE & LONG HANDLE: Our XL poufs are 70 grams, appx 5 inches around w/long handle to assist in drip drying fast, essential for bacteria-free sponges; no wet, moldy ribbons here and great for...

Another practical and color designed sponge from Loofah. With the x-large size, the sponge weighs only 70 grams enabling you to hold it in a handful way and use it comfortably. No worries about having severe fraction with your skin when scrubbing it on your body as the sponge is recognized for its softness. Generating great amount of long lasting lather, the sponge allows us to enjoy our bathing time. Washing, rubbing, shining, and glowing, want to have those adjective to describe your skin, use Loofah product.

4. pureSOL Konjac Facial Sponge

pureSOL Konjac Facial Sponge - Activated Charcoal - Great for acne
  • IMPROVES SKIN TEXTURE: pureSOL Konjac Facial Sponge gently exfoliates while deep cleansing and removing any toxins and impurities, leaving you with a radiant complexion. It is extremely soft and...
  • BRIGHTER LOOKING SKIN: The natural woven fibers of the sponge gently massage the skin and stimulate blood flow. It detoxifies and encourages skin renewal while balancing the skins pH, leaving your...
  • PREVENTS SPOTS, BLACKHEADS AND BREAKOUTS: The added BAMBOO CHARCOAL contains activated carbon and essential minerals to deeply cleanse and absorb excess sebum, toxins and other harmful chemicals from...

As the name suggests, pureSOL sponge is well known for its biodegradable material that is used to create it. Say no to chemical and environmental harmful product! Not dangerous to the skin, yet it is only glitter and beautifies your skin. Sustaining the pH level, removing black head pimple, anti-aging spots, and freshening the look of the skin are the special features of pureSOL sponge. Weight only 0.16 ounces; you can effortlessly use it to scrub your good looking face. It is easy to place as it has the hook. Support to have beautiful skin on your face, support pureSOL.

3. MY Konjac Sponge All Natural Korean Facial Sponge

MY Konjac Sponge All Natural Korean Facial Sponge with Activated Bamboo Charcoa
  • Super-soft sponge GENTLY exfoliates to give you a radiant glow. Safe for sensitive skin!
  • Premium quality & larger size ensure better cleaning & toning - for smoother, silkier skin
  • Activated bamboo carbon cleanses pores, removes excess oil, fights bacteria to help clear acne

Meet with another superb facial sponge from Korea, MY Konjac Sponge. MY Konjac Sponge is designed using the bird-nest like look. It is renowned for its extreme soft that is best to use on the face. The grey sponge revives your facial skin and makes it glow. Made from bamboo charcoal, the sponge eliminates the oil and open pore on the face, the pimples and the acne. The product is 100% product from Korea. Prioritizing and understanding the customers, so for people who are not delighted, feel free to get the refund back.

2. BTYMS Bath Shower Sponge Loofahs

Bath Shower Sponge Loofahs (60g/pcs) Mesh Pouf Shower Ball, Mesh Bath and Shower Sponge Pack of 4
  • LUXURIOUS LATHER - The soft and full bath sponges work up a great lather with any shower gel or soap to help you Gently Exfoliates Skin & Cleanses Skin Pores
  • PERFECT SIZE - 60 grams and approx 5.9 inches in width, a perfect size fits in your hands
  • PREMIUM QUALITY - It is made from Recycled and Eco-Friendly Materials

Another shower sponge from Loofahs. The sponge weighs only 60 grams and has the size of 15 centimeters. It comes in 4 colors, white, grey, green and light brown. With the alternative, you can choose the one that you like and the one that could help to decorate the look in your bathroom. Worry about where to put it? Don’t worry; the hanging string is attached to the sponge. Ideal for mother earth lover as the product is biodegradable.

1. Aquasentials Mesh Pouf Bath Sponge

Aquasentials Mesh Pouf Bath Sponge (8 Pack)
  • Exfoliating Texture
  • Easy to Hang
  • Work with any shower gel

Last but not least, there is another supreme bath sponge from Aquasentials. Choose whatever color you like, Auasentials sponge offers you with 6 colors alternatives. The hanging string enables you to hang the sponge after use. The 15.2 ounces sponge is perfect for removing dead skin from the body. Don’t hesitate; order now to be the owner of Aquasentials sponge.


In short, we have introduced you to the best of the best sponges in 2017. Choosing the perfect sponge to scrub your precious body is really important. Having blossom and fragrant skin is also important. Therefore, choose one of the top ten sponges above to grace everyone with your body skin. Choose one of the top ten sponges above to seduce people with your flawless facial skin.

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