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4 Useful Steps and 10 Best Advices to Wax Your Car Like a Pro – Expert Guide

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    The maintenance of a car is paramount of importance. It should be neat clean and shiny. It is not only important to service the car once a week but to maintain gloss of the car is a vital thing. The exterior of the car is the first thing a person looks at, and it immediately judges a person’s personality and standard of living.

    To keep the car gleaming, polished and sophisticated, it is imperative to wax your car properly. Waxing a car safeguards it from damaging. If proper waxing is done, it provides a layer of protection between the paint of the car and the elements that damage the car. There may be marks or tints on the car which can easily be removed by waxing it properly.

    You can be very choosy in selecting the best wax and then putting efforts to wax it properly. A car clearly depicts the personality of a man, so it is very important to wax it properly. There are some of the steps which will tell you how to wax a car.

    10 Best Advice to Wax Your Car

    Steps for waxing a car:

    1. Do scrubbing

    The first step before waxing the car is doing scrubbing. Cars get dirty not only the exterior but interior also. Airborne industrial pollutants, acid rain, dead bugs, tree sap and bird droppings all degrade the paint and remove the shine. First of all park the car in shade and wash it properly with warm water. Clean the wheels properly. We have choices and the best choice is to clean the car before waxing.

    2. Dry the car

    After washing the car you have to make sure that the car is completely dry. There are some products in the market which don’t work on wet cars. So in order to get best results dry your car.

    3. Do Polishing or buffing to remove defects before waxing

    The next step is buffing the car. Apply a substantial amount of rubbing compound to the scratched surfaces. Buffing eliminates the fine layer of paint on the car and exposes the fresh paint underneath. The compound is a paint stripper. Waxing your car immediately after buffing will give you the best shine and remarkable results.

    To spread the polish properly use a buffing pad to make sure that the compound doesn’t splash onto nearby surfaces. One thing which should be taken care of is to avoid getting the polish on chrome, rubber, or glass.

    Turn the buffer and gently move in a circular motion with gentle hands, so that the paint surfaces don’t get burned. Work a quarter until you see a bright gloss. The surface should look even and new.

    If the paint of your car is not in a bad condition then use a polish and do this procedure in order to maintain the gloss. Follow the process across the entire surface of the car until the paint is restored.

    4. Apply wax

    The next step is to apply wax to your car in order to make it shine and glossy. Wax plays an important role as it makes the car new and gleam. Apply the car wax using a clean buffer pad. Spread it evenly, softly beating the trigger of the buffer. This will make sure that the wax doesn’t block on the surface. The more you apply it gently the more better results you will get. Then the next step is to protect one-quarter of the car at a time before you remove the wax. It depends on the wax that how long it will take before removing so, you need to read the directions carefully before removing. Then Use a microfiber cloth to remove the wax. One important thing is to move your hands in circular motion while removing in order to obtain gloss and shine. Repeat the process on the entire car. It is generally advised by the experts to wax your car after every 5 to 6 months but don’t buffer it every time.

    10 expert tips for how to wax a car

    1. Always apply car wax or paint to a dry vehicle. Droplets of water on the paint will cause the product to stripe and you will not be able to get the desired results.
    2. The most important tip is to wax the car in shade in order to get best results. Direct sunlight spoils the wax. Some products are available in the market which will allow you to work direct sunlight but it will become harder for you.
    3. It is our wrong perception that the more or deeper you apply the wax the more shine you will get. It is Quite the opposite. Always apply a thin layer so that a smooth surface is obtained and results become better.
    4. Use a standard size hand applicator pad, a section of about 2-3 square feet. This will help you to move your hands gently and more glow will be obtained.
    5. Make sure that you apply the wax properly. For the size area use a single spot of polish to the centre of the pad, this will help you in obtaining a thin layer and smooth surface.
    6. Apply your wax in a circular motion and apply it gently. Don’t press so hard, just a light amount of pressure will be enough to get glossy and shiny look. Pressure will destroy the wax.
    7. Read the instructions on the bottle carefully. If it need to be kept for dry, keep it.
    8. for buffing off always use the best quality, microfiber buffing towel you can afford and it is readily available on the market.
    9. If you think one thin layer is not enough and you want to put another layer then don’t put it immediately. Let the car dry for approximately 12 hours and then apply the other layer in order to achieve best results.
    10. If you do get bands or an uneven shine, it’s easily corrected with a quick detail spray. Steam the surface with Wolfgang Instant Detail Spritz or Pinnacle Crystal Mist Detail Spray and buff away the problem.

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