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Top 10 Top Rated Car Battery Charger of (2020) Review

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    We’ve all experienced that moment when we turn the key in the ignition and…NOTHING!, Right? A flat battery can really ruin your day but, if you’re smart enough to own a home battery charger, you won’t have to suffer the inconvenience of waiting for someone to come and give you a jump start! Additionally, many modern car battery chargers actually help to condition the battery and ensure a longer life and better performance and have cleverly built-in features to allow for safer, more efficient use. Most batteries have their specs listed on a sticker on the top and these can easily be compared with those of any charger you consider. You should also consider your needs: do you want a charger solely for emergency starts or do you want an appliance which will condition and maintain your battery? We narrowed the below list to suggest the best product for you to review before deciding to buy!

    List of the Top Rated Car Battery Charger of 2020:

    10. Schumacher SE-82-6 Dual-Rate 2/6 Amp Manual Battery Charger

    Schumacher SE-82-6 Dual Rate Manual Battery Charger #SE-82-6Check Price on

    This Schumacher charger is two-in-one charger providing 6-amp manual and 2-amp trickle charger for 6 and 12 volt batteries. With the 2 amp rating, it is excellent for trickle charging batteries in motorcycles, snowmobiles, lawnmowers and garden tractors in 3-8 hours. Moreover, if you want to switch to 6 amp medium rate, you could be able to charge for larger batteries in 6-8 hours. Using this charger with the 6 amp rate is an effective utility because it charges 33% faster than 4 amp mode.

    9. DBPOWER 1200A Peak Portable Car Jump Starter

    No products found.No products found.

    This portable jump starter is the second generation from DBPOWER. The peak current is 1200 amps and it can jump start engines (6.5L gas, 5.2L diesel) up to 20 times in seconds on a single charge! Make sure you and your loved ones never get stranded again. This jump starter has an array of built-in intelligent safety functions and circuit protections, as well as being equipped with improved clamps for better conduction. It has a 3-mode LED light (high, strobe and SOS) which is potentially an emergency life saver when you go camping, picnic, outdoor adventure or on investigations. The LCD screen shows you exactly how much power and the output voltage is remaining, which helps you make better use of the power and protect your devices.

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    8. Nekteck Car Jump Starter Portable Power Bank External Battery Charger

    Nekteck Car Jump Starter Portable External Battery Charger 500A Peak with 12000mAh - Emergency Jump...Check Price on

    Nekteck battery charger is a compact powerhouse that fits in your back pocket and thus will jump start your car. Also, you can use it to charge smartphones, tablets, speakers, and more. Designed in a 500-amps of power jump, you can use your 5L gas or 3L diesel cars, motorcycles, ATVs, lawn mowers, and more up to 12 times, and get you back on the road fast. In addition, consisting of real 12000mAh high battery capacity, charging cellphone and tablet (include Micro-USB Cable for any Micro-USB supported devices) outdoor is not a worry anymore. Built-in Super bright LED flashlight, you are able to utilize it for stranding at night. Safety protection for overcharge, overvoltage, overcurrent, and short-circuit is also included.

    7. GOOLOO 800A Peak 18000mAh SuperSafe Car Jump Starter

    GOOLOO 1200A Peak 18000mAh SuperSafe Car Jump Starter with USB Quick Charge 3.0 (Up to 7.0L Gas or...Check Price on

    As one of the most powerful jump starters on the market, this portable car jump starter jump starts vehicle up to 6.5L Gas or 5.0L diesel or Motorcycle , RV, tractor, light-duty trucks, lawn mower, cargo vans, ATVs, snowmobiles , oil boat, etc up to 30 times on a single charge with 600A peak current and heavy duty jumper cables. With 15000 mAh of battery capacity, it can provide sufficient power to charge your cell phones, tablets, laptops, kindle and more mobile devices. Designed in a 5-in-1 multifunction, it can help you in many cases especially for adventure, outdoor, daily, emergency, travel, high and low temperature(-20℃ to 60℃). This is a very useful product!

    6. Schumacher SE-4022 2/10/40/200 Amp Manual Wheeled Battery Charger and Tester

    Schumacher SE-4022 2/10/40/200 Amp Manual Wheeled Battery Charger and Tester,BlackCheck Price on

    This manual wheeled battery charger includes a tester and gives professionals a wide range of charging rates and helps in fleet operations. It has the ability to analyze electrical and starting system problems. This charger is ideal for 6 and 12-volt batteries. Its 200-amps help engines for emergency starting and the 40-amp fast charge can charge a battery in 1 to 3 hours. The 2-amp trickle charge charges a small 12-volt battery in 2 to 12 hours. This wheeled charger has a multi-functional tester with two rotary switches and a voltmeter to help in battery testing.

    5. Battery Tender Plus 021-0128, 1.25 Amp Battery Charger is a Smart Charger

    Battery Tender Plus Charger and Maintainer: 12V, 1.25 Amp Powersport Battery Charger and Maintainer...Check Price on

    Why Choose the Battery Tender Plus over the Battery Tender Junior? The Plus is 50% more power which means a much quicker charge than the Junior. The Battery Tender Plus is a 1.25-amp battery charger designed to fully charge a battery and maintain it at proper storage voltage without the damaging effects caused by trickle chargers. A quick connect harness for hard is also included to reach areas. Temperature compensated to ensure optimum charge voltage according to ambient temperature. You can automatically switch from full charge to float charging mode. Furthermore, battery Tender at 1.25-amp will charge as fast or faster than any 3-amp.

    4. Schumacher SE-1-12S 1.5A 6/12V Fully Automatic Battery Maintainer

    Schumacher SE-1-12S 1.5A 6/12V Fully Automatic Battery MaintainerCheck Price on

    Schumacher’s Speed Charge Maintainer maintains both 6-volt and 12-volt batteries, keeping them at full charge using float-mode monitoring. To prevent damage when the battery is charged, the unit will automatically switch from full-charge to float-mode monitoring. The statue of the unit is shown through displayed LEDs. The SEM-1562A-CA is perfect for charging small batteries, maintaining small and large batteries kept in storage, and batteries for motorcycles, classic cars, ATVs, and boats. Featuring quick disconnect harness, it is easy for removal and reverses hookup protection in case of the wrong connection. In cold climates, this unit is indispensable for keeping batteries warm overnight and ready for starting.

    3. MOTOPOWER MP00205A 12V 800mA Fully Automatic Battery Charger

    MOTOPOWER MP00205A 12V 800mA Automatic Battery Charger, Battery Maintainer, Trickle Charger, and...Check Price on

    The MOTOPOWER MP00205A 12V 800mA Automatic Batttery Charger/Maintainer can charge all types of 12V lead-acid batteries, including flooded or sealed maintenance free batteries (AGM & gel cell). With its multiple functions, it is best for charging automotive, motorcycle, marine, RV, Powersports, lawn & garden, children toys, etc. Designed as the microprocessor, it can control program and monitor the whole charging progress and automatically stop output when the battery is fully charged. There is zero current draw from the battery and low power consumption, which complies with the highest energy saving standard. It helps promote eco-friendly environment.

    2. BLACK+DECKER BM3B 6V and 12V Automatic Battery Charger

    BLACK+DECKER BM3B Fully Automatic 6V/12V Battery Charger/Maintainer with Cable Clamps and O-Ring...Check Price on

    The Black & Decker BM3B battery charger/maintainer consists of 6 volt and 12 volt charging selectivity. With the latest design, it can be used for battery maintenance, charging RVs, specialty vehicles, antique and classic cars, marine deep cycle batteries, motorcycles, lawn mowers, ATVs, snowmobiles, personal watercraft. It includes three connector sets: DC accessory plug, battery clips, and battery ring terminals. Constructed smartly, it will stop charging when the battery is fully-charged or topped-off. Besides, built-in circuit protection, it guards against overcharging, reverse polarity or short circuit.

    1. NOCO Genius G3500 6V/12V 3.5A UltraSafe Smart Battery Charger

    NOCO Genius G3500 6V/12V 3.5 Amp Battery Charger and MaintainerCheck Price on

    NOCO Genius smart battery chargers are some of the safest and most advanced on the market! One of the best is the G3500 3.5 Amp, designed to charge 6-volt and 12-volt lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries up to 120Ah. With the multiple purposes, it can also effectively maintain automotive, marine, RV, Powersports, lawn & garden and deep-cycle batteries. It charges 2 times faster than ordinary battery chargers. Uniquely, it can repair damaged batteries and is designed for use with micro-hybrid start-stop vehicles and CANBUS electrical systems.

    Final Thoughts

    Why put up with the inconvenience of flat batteries? Why wait around for help from your automobile association or for a friend to jump start your car? Be prepared and have a home car battery charger at the ready whenever you need it!

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