Top 6 Best Air Powered Texture Guns Reviews

You might be having a large wall and you need to cover it. Many people always look for some short cut that might turn out to be too expensive for them. My friend, with this air powered texture guns, things are not going to be the same at all. They have been made with a quick nozzle that you can use with the pressure valves fitted in the right pace for you to do the adjustments if you want or to fit your likes. Here are the best six items that you need to get from us.

6. Pattern Pistol Gun & Hopper

Pattern Pistol Gun & Hopper
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This pattern pistol gun can spray acoustics, stuck, drywall mud, pool decks and waterproofing with a power-assisted hopper that will enable consistent texture application at all sides. The hopper has large capacity and it is made of high impact polymer and also sealed for 360 degree spraying without spilling. It has six orifice sizes to give you variety of spray pattern. You will like using the quick change nozzle selector plus a precision pressure adjustment valve to give you infinite number of settings.

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5. Kraft Tool Texture Gun with Hopper

Kraft Tool Texture Gun with Hopper
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This is a useful item for quick covering of large surfaces like drywall. It will give you a perfect textured effect and hide imperfections, nails as well as tape lines with only one application. It will save you ton of time and you will be using it for applying knockdown texture to your new and existing walls and you will get 100 percent results. This tool is well made plus easy to use. The gun is made of cast aluminum to extend its life span. It has a built-in angle and it is perfect for spraying ceilings and walls, stucco, decking, fireproofing and waterproofing. You will get professional results without wasting time.

4. Air Texture Ceiling Gun

Air Texture Ceiling Gun
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Do you want perfect results? Yes this is what you need to own. It has professional quality hopper gun what is perfect for applying walls and ceiling texture plus acoustic material. It is a one-piece cast aluminum gun with extra long trigger to give you easier spraying time with less operator fatigue. The large capacity hopper is made of heavy-duty aluminum and it can stand up to rough treatment. It has support handle to make your spraying time fast and enjoyable. It has three solid brass air nozzles plus air regulating valve to give you more control. The hopper is four liter-capacity and it can spray most gravity-fed material for walls and ceilings.

3. Pattern Pistol Gun and Hopper

Pattern Pistol Gun and Hopper
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This is the best air powered textured gun plus heavy-duty hopper that is excellent for domestic and industrial use. It has been a professional choice of texture sprayers which has been trusted for decades and so we want you to give it a try. The item will come complete with 2 interchangeable air stem nozzle and this will double the range of pattern as well as spray pressures. It has smaller air nozzles that will give you even texture even at the maximum pressures. It has features larger nozzle that will ensure great pattern even at lower pressure range. It has been perfectly weight and balanced and you will like the built-in trigger lock that will reduce hand fatigue.

2. Pattern Pistol with Compressor

Pattern Pistol with Compressor
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This pistol with compressor can spray and also apply a variety of texture coatings. It is very simple to use, just fill the hopper with your material and squeeze the trigger and you are done. Air and material combine at the gun to give the required texture and this will make your work look more professional. Ceiling work will be much easy with built-in angle feature. The pistol comes with two sizes of air tips and this will enable you have wide range of pressure settings. Compressor has one horsepower capacitor start electric motor plus manual reset thermal overload protector.

1. SharpShooter I Hopper Gun

SharpShooter I Hopper Gun
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If you have been using several hoppers, you’ll notice that this one is much better than other models. Its airflow has 45-degree which is perfect for ceiling. It has a lid on top once you’re done and cleaning it is a snap. It is very sturdy and it will withstand your daily use. The pencil sharpener style has adjustable orifice which is excellent. It is very easy to use without worry. You will be texturing large car garage, do the walls and ceiling perfectly without messes. It will be your great investment that will worth your penny. Even when it is your first time doing ceiling, this item will give you perfect results.

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Maintaining your wall has never been that easier. With the texture guns shown above, you only need to follow the procedures of using them and the best person will even take a maximum of five minutes to know how to use them. It does not need you to be an expert to know how to use it but you can grow from nowhere and become and expert. Start your journey now by making an order right away.

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